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Information for organizations without observer status



Admission as an observer organization

Organizations (non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)) have to be admitted by the Conference of the Parties (COP) as observer organizations to the UNFCCC process before they can send representatives to attend any sessions or meetings of the UNFCCC.

While the organization does not need to repeat this process once admitted, it has to register its representatives through the Online Registration System in order for them to attend a session. The registration process for admitted observers is explained on the web pages for admitted IGOs and admitted NGOs, respectively.

Before applying for admission through the Online Admission System, please check whether your organization has already been admitted and review the information below:

Deadline for admission

31 August 2018 at midnight CEST in time for admission at COP 25 in 2019.

The application period for admission in time for COP 24 already closed.

Mandate Search Observer Engagement

The UNFCCC secretariat has become aware that certain admitted observer organizations are using commercial business model packages to solicit business. As an inducement to sell these packages, potential clients are assured participation at UNFCCC conferences, sessions and meetings through quotas of admitted observer organizations. The UNFCCC secretariat would like to make clear that it does not endorse such practices nor does it charge any fees to anyone for participating in the UNFCCC process. Eligible participants are accredited only by the UNFCCC secretariat who upon issue of badges by the UNFCCC secretariat can enter conference, sessions and meetings venue and participate, subject to the relevant rules and regulations, in the activities organized by the UNFCCC secretariat including the UNFCCC side events and exhibits and UNFCCC Climate Change Studio.