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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for changing from the Excel-based software to the web-based NAIIS?
The web-based NAIIS application is an upgrade to the Excel-based software. This upgrade is a response to a request by Parties at SBI 35. The web-based application provides a greater degree of user-flexibility and eliminates the need for desktop software for GHG inventories, increases the efficiency of user management, ability to work on multiple inventory years in parallel as well as allows for simultaneous data entry by members of the national GHG team.

What will become of the GHG data generated using the old Excel-based software?
Parties with GHG data generated using the old Excel-based software could choose to migrate these data into the NAIIS. Currently, this migration needs to be done manually. The secretariat plans to develop a tool to facilitate the migration of GHG data into the NAIIS.

Who is eligible for access to the NAIIS?
Access to the NAIIS is limited to non-Annex I Parties to the Convention and can only be requested and granted through the designated NFPs.

Is there a difference between the UNFCCC NFP and the NAIIS NFP?
Yes. However, these roles can be played by the same person. The designated UNFCCC NFP must first request (this request should be accompanied by a name and details of an expert identified to serve as the NFP for NAIIS) for access to the NAIIS.
The NAIIS NPF refers to any individual who is assigned that role only for the sole purpose of overall administration and management of the NAIIS web application for the country.

Can national experts who are not part of the GHG inventory team gain access to the NAIIS?
The user administration of the NAIIS web application is left to the expert who is identified as the national focal point (NFP) for the NAIIS web application.  Hence, access to the NAIIS account of a country is managed by the NFP for the NAIIS.

What is the procedure for requesting and acquiring access rights to the NAIIS?
The Party, through its designated NFP, must complete the NAIIS Registration form located here and submit it to Once the secretariat receives this form, it will proceed to process and e-mail log-in information to the NFP.

What are the next steps after a Party has received its log-in information?
Log-in information will be provided for the NFP account of the Party by the NAIIS Administrator. The NFP should proceed to log-in and change the temporary password provided and from the User Administration Functionality of the application, create accounts for the country’s national GHG inventory project manager (PM) and sectoral experts (SE). The PM can also create and disable SE accounts as necessary. For further details, see page 15 of the NAIIS user manual located pdf-icon here (3454 kB) .

Is it possible for members of the national GHG team to access and input data simultaneously into the NAIIS?
Yes. Simultaneous data entry is possible.

Can I simply download the application into a data storage device (e.g., USB key or disc)?
No. The application is web-based and all you need to access and use it is a computer with internet access and log-in information which can be requested from the secretariat. Information entered into the application is stored in real time in the Party’s user account on the central server hosted at the secretariat. Further details on how to navigate the application are included in the user manual located here.

I am having difficulties viewing certain functions of the NAIIS, for example, the “start inventory” button is not available even though I can see it in the screenshots in the NAIIS user manual, what could be the problem?
The NAIIS is designed to filter and only provide functions by user account type. Each Party can have up to three types of users – NFP, Project Manager (PM) and Sectoral Expert (SE). While these roles can be played by the same person, the system is designed to keep these accounts separate and certain functions are only available to the user depending on whether they are logged in as NFP, PM or SE. For example, the “start inventory” button only becomes available when you are logged in as the PM (see Figure 8 on Page 10 of the user manual located here).

Can a Party have and operate more than one NFP or PM account in the NAIIS?
Each Party can have multiple NPF and PM accounts BUT only one of those accounts can be active at any given time. Multiple accounts can be active for SE at the same time.

Is the NAIIS connected to the IPCC emission factors database (EFDB)?
No. Emissions factors and activity data must be entered by the Party. However, the default values of other parameters and factors, besides emission factors, are available in the application.

Does the NAIIS have built-in Global Warming Potentials (GWP) for greenhouse gases?
Yes. The GWPs from the second assessment report of the IPCC (e.g. 1 for CO2, 21 for CH4 and 310 for N2O) are implemented in the application.

What should I do when I encounter technical difficulties using the application?
The first thing to do when you encounter difficulties is to look at the user manual for the NAIIS and also these FAQ. The user manual is located here.
If the issue cannot be resolved using guidance provided in these documents, please send an e-mail to the NAIIS Helpdesk at Details specifying the stage at which the difficulty was encountered, steps you took and the purpose before encountering the problem, information on any pop-up window(s) and message(s) from the NAIIS system you may have seen, and if possible, screenshots, should be included in this e-mail.

How long should I expect to get a reply from the NAIIS Helpdesk when I submit a request for assistance?
Generally, the NAIIS Helpdesk will acknowledge the receiving your request within 24 hours with an estimated resolution time.
The resolution of a reported issue depends on a number of things including: 1) the amount of open queries from users of the application; 2) the magnitude of the problem reported 3) the completeness of the information included in the report from the Party.
The NAIIS Helpdesk will make an effort to update the Party regularly as the issue is being resolved.

What type of support is available to countries for building capacity to use the NAIIS?
The secretariat conducted regional capacity-building workshops to train national experts on the use of the NAIIS, when the application was released. While the secretariat does not provide in-country support, users can use the NAIIS user manual of these FAQs for guidance or seek assistance to specific problems from the NAIIS Helpdesk at

After creating an inventory in the NAIIS, we downloaded all the spreadsheets and renamed them in order to easily distribute to our consultants. Do we have to change the spreadsheet names again to the original ones before importing when we are done?
Excel files exported from the NAIIS by sector can easily be imported back into the system even when the files have been renamed. What is important is not to change the order of the worksheets because there are hidden worksheets in the Excel workbooks which contain variable UIDs needed for the import process.

We have created our inventory, but haven’t changed the status to “started” yet.  Will it be possible to import spreadsheets with data for this inventory?
No.  The PM must first change the status of the inventory to "started" before doing the import. Data entry is only possible for inventories in status "started".

Can a Party be able to work on multiple inventory years simultaneously?
Yes. Work on multiple inventories can occur simultaneously in the NAIIS.

How can users be sure that information entered into the NAIIS on the web cannot be accessed by others?
    1)  Regarding the security of information in the NAIIS there are two aspects:
              i. Security of the whole NAIIS web application and the data entered into it – 
                 the NAIIS web application, along with the underlying database, is hosted on
                 the centralized server of the UNFCCC secretariat. 
                 There is a full backup system built-in to prevent loss of any data in the
                 unfortunate case of the server crash. 
                 Further, the secretariat applies and implements international standards of
                 security protocols to protect its servers in operations.

              ii. Security of data entered in the system by countries – the date entered 
                  by a country in the system through its account is accessible only to the country
                  concerned.  The secretariat values and maintains the sanctity of the confidentially
                  of the information entered in the system.  This is achieved through the UN Code
                  of conduct on confidentiality that each staff member in the secretariat, at large,
                  has to adhere to and also through the in-house NAIIS web application
                  administration policy.

      2. The system is also designed in a way to allow each Party to choose the information
           that it wants to include in its final GHG inventory report.  After a complete inventory has
           been developed, which resides only in the system, the Party concerned has the option
            to make a selection, by year and by sectoral tables, to produce a set of Excel tables
            as a final output of the inventory.

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