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CGE Training Materials for the Preparation of National Communications from non-Annex I Parties
The training materials below are designed to facilitate the preparation of national communications (NCs) by non-Annex I Parties in accordance with the guidelines of the Conventions (decision 17/CP.8). They are not intended to replace any of the methodologies or tools referred to or mentioned in in the modules. For further detail and explanation, the reader is therefore always encouraged to go back to the original documents or tools referred to in the text.

CGE has also developed training materials for the preparation of biennial update reports (BURs).

Please note that the secretariat does not promote any particular methods or publications.

CGE Training Materials for the Preparation of NCs
Training Materials on Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessments
Training Materials on National GHG Inventories
Training Materials on Mitigation Assessments
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Planning, including selecting vulnerability and adaptation frameworks

Chapter 3 - Baseline socioeconomic scenarios

Chapter 4 - Climate change scenarios

Chapter 5 - Coastal resources

Chapter 6 - Water resources

Chapter 7 - Agriculture

Chapter 8 - Human health

Chapter 9 - Integration

Chapter 10 - Communication

UNFCCC software
Cross-cutting issues

The Energy Sector

Fuel combustion

Fugitive emissions

pdf-icon Exercise – Energy sector

The Industrial Processes Sector

The Agriculture Sector

General issues
Inventory simulation

The LULUCF Sector

The Waste Sector

Training Handbook

Module A - Mitigation of climate change

Module B - Mitigation in Context of National Communications
and the UNFCCC

Module C - Mitigation Assessment: Concepts, Structure and Steps

Module D - Mitigation Options, Issues and Barriers by Sector

Module E - Mitigation Analysis: Methods and Tools

Module F - Reporting on Mitigation in National Communications

Module G - Building national arrangements for the mitigation assessment


Contact and Feedback
For submission of national reports from non-Annex I Parties, please e-mail the secretariat: The details on the submission process will be communicated through this email.
MRV for Developing Countries
National Reports from non-Annex I countries

Consideration of Reports

Financial and Technical Support

Tools and Training Materials
Support for the Preparation of National Reports
E-Network Collaboration

E-Learning Courses
(coming soon)

GHG Inventory Software

Guidelines and Manuals

Consultative Group of Experts (CGE)

External Links and Information
COP decisions / SBI conclusions
Key COP decisions relevant to non-Annex I Parties

SBI conclusions relevant to non-Annex I Parties

decision 17/CP.8