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Recent Development (BURs and ICA)

COP19, SB 39 (Warsaw, Poland, November 2013

COP 19 in Warsaw, by decision pdf-icon 20/CP.19 , adopted the composition, modalities and procedures of the team of technical experts under the international consultation and analysis.

 COP18, SB37 (Doha, November 2012)
The Conference of Parties, at its eighteenth session, in Doha, decided to forward the text of a draft decision pdf-icon 17/CP.18on the composition, modalities and procedures of the team of technical experts under international consultations and analysis for consideration by the Subsidiary Body for Implementation at its thirty-eighth session, with a view to recommending a draft decision on this matter, for adoption by the Conference of the Parties at its nineteenth session
 COP17, SB 35 (Durban, December 2011)
 The Conference of Parties, at its seventeenth session, in Durban, adopted the following modalities and guidelines:

1. UNFCCC biennial update reporting guidelines for Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention (Decision pdf-icon 2/CP.17, paragraphs 39-42 and pdf-icon annex III of decision 2/CP.17);

2. Modalities and guidelines for international consultation and analysis (Decision 2/CP.17, paragraphs 54-62 and annex IV of Decision 2/CP.17).
 COP16, SB 33 (Cancun, December 2010)

 In Cancun, at the sixteenth session of the COP, it was decided that developing countries, consistent with their capabilities and the level of support provided for reporting, should submit biennial update reports. It was decided that biennial update reports will be subject to international consultation and analysis under the SBI (Decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 60(c)).

It also established the process of international consultation and analysis of biennial update reports under the Subsidiary Body for Implementation to be conducted in a manner that is non-intrusive, non-punitive and respectful of national sovereignty.

The international consultation and analysis will aim to increase transparency of mitigation actions and their effects, through analysis by technical experts in consultation with the Party concerned and through a facilitative sharing of views, and will result in a summary report (Decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 63).

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 For submission of national reports from non-Annex I Parties, please e-mail the secretariat: The details on the submission process will be communicated through this email.
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