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Refresher seminars for experienced GHG inventory review experts

The annual seminar provides general guidance on specific and complex aspects of the technical review of GHG emission estimates. It enables experienced review experts to strengthen and refresh their knowledge, in relation to both cross-cutting aspects and sector-specific issues, including relevant supplementary information.

Target audience: Lead reviewers and experienced review experts of GHG inventories.

 Refresher Seminars Documents
 2011 pdf-icon Agenda (108 kB)

-  pdf-icon Review of higher tiers non-LULUCF (1750 kB)
pdf-icon Review of higher tiers (461 kB)
pdf-icon Examples_higher_tiers (296 kB)
pdf-icon LULUCF models (1042 kB)

  pdf-icon Agenda (80 kB)

  -  pdf-icon Assessment and treatment of underestimate (669 kB)
  -  pdf-icon Review process (629 kB)
  -  pdf-icon Good practice approaches (192 kB)
  -  pdf-icon Good practice guidance (649 kB)


 pdf-icon Agenda (51 kB)

 -  pdf-icon Introduction (808 kB)
 -  pdf-icon Stepwise approach to reviews (175 kB)
 -  pdf-icon Synthesis and Assessment report (199 kB)
 - pdf-icon Review week (261 kB)
 -  pdf-icon Preparation of review report (305 kB)


pdf-icon Agenda (122 kB)

 -  pdf-icon Final review under first commitment period (641 kB)
 -  pdf-icon Second commitment period under KP (384 kB)
 -  pdf-icon True-up period for the first commitment period under KP (441 kB)


pdf-icon  Agenda (190 kB)

pdf-icon Background (432 kB)
pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol Supplement (2698 kB)
pdf-icon Transition (836 kB)


pdf-icon Agenda (135 kB)

pdf-icon 2016 Refresher seminar (498 kB)

Experiences centralized reviews general perspective

pdf-icon Experiences centralized reviews sectoral perspective (409 kB)

pdf-icon Experiences from the desk review of GHG inventories (265 kB)


pdf-icon Agenda (71 kB)

Background paper
-  pdf-icon Improving drafting of findings and recommendations (718 kB)

-   pdf-icon  Introduction 2017 Refresher Seminar  (410 kB)

-   pdf-icon Desk review 2016 experiences  (367 kB)

-   pdf-icon Experiences from in-country review of GHG inventories in 2016 (1160 kB)

-   pdf-icon Improving drafting (208 kB)

-   pdf-icon Online RITS and review reports (418 kB)

-    pdf-icon Reviewing KP LULUCF activities (383 kB)