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Training for the technical analysis of BURs
Expert training

Pursuant to decision 20/CP.19, paragraph 4, the Consultative Group of Experts on National Communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention (CGE), developed a training programme for the technical experts nominated to the UNFCCC roster of experts who, upon successful completion of this training, shall be eligible to be part of the team of technical experts, to undertake the technical analysis of submitted biennial update reports (BURS).

The primary objective of the training programme is to ensure that the experts nominated on the UNFCCC roster of experts are fully conversant with the relevant reporting requirements for developing country Parties, and the modalities and procedures for the international consultation and analysis, including the technical analysis of BURs from developing country Parties.

Seventh Round

Registration period :  12 February - 25 February 2018

Study period:  5 March 2018 - 15 April 2018
Exam period:  15 April - 20 April 2018


The registration for the seventh round of the training programme will open in February 2018. Should you be interested in participating, please make sure you are nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts (ROE). Information regarding registration will be sent to nominated experts. 


For further information, please contact the training and certification



Upon successful registration for the training programme, the trainee will be provided with access to the training materials. The course offers an online discussion forum to facilitate interaction with the CGE/secretariat, to seek clarification or pose questions on topics covered in the materials.

The course is conducted as self-learning course hosted online on the UNFCCC Learning Management Platform. After a period of self-learning, proficiency assessments are offered. Upon successful completion of the course, experts will be issued with a certificate.

The proficiency assessment, consisting of a set of multiple choice questions and a few questions that require narrative answers, will be administered online. The threshold for passing the proficiency assessment is 60%. Those who are not able to meet the threshold set for passing the proficiency assessment, can retake the assessment in a provided retake period or in later rounds of the assessment sessions.

The training programme covers three clusters of training materials: (A) provisions on reporting information in the BURs and conducting technical analysis of BURs under the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process; (B) background materials covering methods and science on key themes addressed in BURs, and (C) provisions relevant to the technical analysis of a technical annex containing information on results-based actions relating to REDD-plus activities.

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Prerequisite for training

To register for the training you need to be nominated to the Roster of Experts.

You find information on the nomination process under:


MRV for Developing Countries

National Reports from non-Annex I countries

Consideration of Reports

Financial and Technical Support

Tools and Training Materials

Relevant COP decisions

NC Guidelines

BUR Guidelines

ICA Guidelines

pdf-icon TTE Guidelines

pdf-icon REDD-plus modalities