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Training programmes for experts

Expert training

A number of decisions have mandated training programmes for experts to enable them to participate in various activities related to assessment of the information submitted by Annex I Parties under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol and to measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), both for Annex I Parties and non-Annex I Parties.

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For Annex I Parties, these include, among others, the reviews of annual submissions of GHG inventories and supplementary information under the Kyoto Protocol, and reviews of national communications and biennial reports as part of the international assessment and review (IAR) process.

For non-Annex I Parties, this relates to the technical analysis as part of the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process for biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties.

A prerequisite for all training activities under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol is that experts are nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.

Training programmes for experts
Review of submissions from Annex I Parties International consultation and analysis (ICA)

Roster of Experts

The UNFCCC Roster of Experts contains information on experts, who are nominated by their respective Governments through the National Focal Points of the Parties under the UNFCCC, to contribute to a number of processes mandated by the COP, the CMP and the subsidiary bodies.
Prerequisite for training

To register for the training you need to be nominated to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts. 

You find information on the UNFCCC Roster of Experts nomination process here