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Side event at UN climate change conference,  1 Dec 2010 (SB 33, Cancun)

Progress in review of the fifth national communications of Annex I parties, review teams and parties perspectives
Experience from the review of the fifth national communications of annex I parties will be presented from the perspectives of the review teams and parties.

Agenda [98 kb]

Experiences in reviewing adaptation_Elasha [452 kb]
Reporting and review in post 2012_Ellis [132 kb]
Review of FinRes and TechTransfer_Gutierrez [103 kb]
Reporting and review_UK perspective_Dagnet [286 kb]
Current reporting and review system_UNFCCC secretariat_Simeonova [199 kb]
Reporting and Review_Artur Runge-Metzger [114 kb]
Reporting and Review_USA_Maurice N. LeFrance [60 kb