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National Communications Annex I


Under the Convention, all Parties should report on the steps they are taking to implement the Convention (Articles 4.1 and 12). Most of the 41 Annex I Parties submitted their first report (known as a "national communication" (NC)) in 1994 or 1995, their second in 1997–1998 and the third after 30 November 2001. The fifth NCs were due on 1 January 2010 and the sixth NCs on 1 January 2014.  Decision 9/CP.16 calls for submission of the seventh NCs on 1 January 2018. 

Submissions of the sixth NCs by Annex I Parties to the UNFCCC secretariat, as well as previous NC submissions, can be found here.

Reporting Guidelines for National Communications

In preparing their NCs, Annex I Parties should follow the UNFCCC guidelines for reporting and review. These guidelines have been revised twice, at COP 2 (Geneva, July 1996) for the preparation of the second round of communications, and again at COP 5 (Bonn, Oct./Nov. 1999), where revised reporting guidelines (FCCC FCCC/CP/1999/7) were adopted for the preparation of third NCs and continue to be applied. The UNFCCC guidelines for reporting and review have been under a third revision since June 2014, though they have yet to be finalized. To facilitate the preparation of the fifth NCs the UNFCCC secretariat has prepared an pdf-icon annotated outline (278 kB) including reporting elements under the Kyoto Protocol and presented an  overview on the relevant guidelines and reporting requirement.

Parties included in Annex I to the Convention are requested  to provide information on global climate change observing systems (GCOS) in conjunction with their national communications, in accordance with decision 11/CP.13. The 2016 GCOS implementation plan provides updates to the Essential Climate Variables listed in Decision 11/CP.13.

Compilation and Synthesis Reports

Upon requests from the Conference of the Parties (COP) and from the Conference of the Parties (CMP) serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto, the secretariat prepares compilation and synthesis (C&S) reports of the information provided in NCs by developed country Parties and the supplementary information incorporated in NCs submitted in accordance with Article 7, paragraph 2, of the Kyoto Protocol, as appropriate.

The latest C&S report of sixth NCs, presented to SBI 41 (Lima, December 2014), has presented a summary of information reported under both, the Convention and under its Kyoto Protocol.

In-depth Reviews

In accordance with the existing procedures and decisions under the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol, the secretariat is organizing and coordinating in-depth reviews (IDRs) of NCs of Annex I Parties. The review of each NC typically involves a desk-based study and an in-country visit, and aims to provide a comprehensive, technical assessment of a Party's implementation of its commitments under the Convention, and for the Annex I Parties that are also Parties under the Kyoto Protocol, under the Kyoto Protocol. In-depth reviews are conducted by an international team of experts from Annex I and non-Annex I Parties, selected from the Roster of Experts.

The in-depth review results in an in-depth review report which aims to facilitate the work of the COP/CMP in assessing the implementation of commitments by Annex I Parties. The in-depth review reports also allow easier comparison of information between NCs of Parties. The in-depth review of the sixth NCs began in February 2014.

The UNFCCC secretariat invited lead reviewers to share their experiences in review of the NCs and BRs at the First and Second Meeting of Lead Reviewers for the review of Biennial Reports and National Communications of Annex I Parties in March 2014 and March 2015, respectively.



Lead reviewers meeting

The Fourth Meeting of Lead Reviewers for the review of Biennial Reports and National Communications took place in Bonn, Germany, 6–7 March 2017

pre-sessional workshop

"Revision of UNFCCC reporting guidelines on national communications"

13-14 May 2016
UN Campus Bonn

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