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In-Depth Reviews

According to decisions in particular, decisions pdf-icon 2/CP.1, pdf-icon 9/CP.2, pdf-icon 6/CP.3 pdf-icon 11/CP.4, pdf-icon 33/CP.7, pdf-icon 7/CP.11, pdf-icon 9/CP.16pdf-icon 22/CMP.1 and pdf-icon 26/CMP.1 each national communication (NC) of an Annex I Party is subject to an "in-depth" review.

The in-depth review is conducted by an international team of experts, coordinated by the UNFCCC secretariat. The review of each NC typically involves a desk-based study and an in-country visit, and aims to provide a comprehensive, technical assessment of a Party's implementation of its commitments. The in-depth review results in an in-depth review report, which typically expands on and updates the NC. The in-depth review reports aim to facilitate the work of the COP in assessing the implementation of commitments by Annex I Parties. The reports also allow easier comparison of information between Ncs of Parties, although no common indicators are employed.

Overview of in-depth review reports of sixth national communications sorted by Party

Overview of in-depth review reports of NC1 to NC5 sorted by Party
Overview of in-depth review reports of NCs sorted chronologically