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Inventory Review Reports 2001

This page contains the results of the reviews of Annex I Parties' greenhouse gas inventories submitted in 2001.

This technical review comprises three stages:

a) Status Reports from the initial check for each individual Party 2001
b) Synthesis and Assessment Report 2001
c) Individual reviews of greenhouse gas inventories 2001, in the table below

Read about the three review stages in the Review Process page.


AUSTRIA (PDF) Centralised review (176 kB) (PDF) In-country review (181 kB)
BELGIUM (PDF) Centralised review (65 kB)
BULGARIA (PDF) Desk review (148 kB)
CZECH REPUBLIC (PDF) Desk review (103 kB)
DENMARK (PDF) Desk review (102 kB)
ESTONIA (PDF) Centralised review (115 kB)
EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (PDF) Centralised review (95 kB)
FINLAND (PDF) Desk review (115 kB) (PDF) In-country review (233 kB)
FRANCE (PDF) Desk review (199 kB) (PDF) In-country review (130 kB)
GERMANY (PDF) Centralised review (88 kB)
GREECE (PDF) Centralised review (130 kB)
ICELAND (PDF) Desk review (134 kB)
IRELAND (PDF) Desk review (97 kB)
ITALY (PDF) Desk review (119 kB)
LATVIA (PDF) Desk review (135 kB)
LUXEMBOURG (PDF) Desk review (63 kB)
NORWAY (PDF) Desk review (124 kB)
PORTUGAL (PDF) Desk review (86 kB)
SLOVAKIA (PDF) Desk review (103 kB)
SPAIN (PDF) Centralised review (109 kB)
SWEDEN (PDF) Desk review (121 kB) (PDF) In-country review (171 kB)
SWITZERLAND (PDF) Desk review (162 kB)

* Only for Annex I Parties which volunteered for an in-country review.

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