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Technical workshop on modalities and procedures for carbon dioxide capture and storage in geological formations as clean development mechanism project activities

7-8 September 2011
Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The UNFCCC secretariat is convening this workshop under the guidance of  Mr. Mama Konate, Chair of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA). 

In accordance with decision 7/CMP.6, paragraph 5, the UNFCCC secretariat is conducting this workshop with technical and legal experts in order to consider the submissions made by Parties and admitted observer organizations on this subject, as well as the synthesis report prepared by the UNFCCC secretariat, and to discuss how the issues referred to in decision 7/CMP.6, paragraph 3, can be addressed in modalities and procedures.

 By Parties  By observers  (IGOs)  (NGOs) Synthesis report 
pdf-icon Information sheet (201 kB)  pdf-icon Full agenda (201 kB) pdf-icon List of participants (204 kB)


 Welcome and keynote addresses
pdf-icon Introduction by the co-chairs (197 kB)
pdf-icon Introduction to the CDM and its modalities and procedures (869 kB) (Author: Lambert Schneider)
 Overview of the CCS landscape
  pdf-icon CO2 Capture Technologies (636 kB) (Author: Mohammad Soltanieh)
 pdf-icon Overview of CO2 geological storage technologies (10311 kB) (Author: Andy Chadwick)
 pdf-icon Opportunities and Challenges for CCS deployment (1041 kB) (Author: Ellina Levina)
 Issues and options
 pdf-icon Synthesis of Party and Observer submissions (200 kB) (Author: Andrew Howard)
 pdf-icon Issues and options for the use of CCS in geological formation as CDM project activities - AOSIS (3278 kB)  (Author: Henry Susaia)
 pdf-icon Key points from the EU submission (127 kB) (Author: Vanessa Leonardi)
 pdf-icon CCS in the CDM (153 kB) (Author: George Peridas)
 pdf-icon A Norwegian persepctive (537 kB) (Author: Stig Øyvind Uhr Svenningsen)
 pdf-icon CCS as CDM - view of the United Arab Emirates (805 kB) (Author: Bader Saeed Al Lamki)
 Site selection
 pdf-icon Technical site selection criteria (260 kB) (Author: Dr. Gabriela von Goerne)
 pdf-icon Use of models in site selection and exploitation (3053 kB) (Author: Jean-Pierre Deflandre)
pdf-icon Gorgon carbon dioxide injection project (1457 kB) (Author: Greg Leamon)
 Project boundaries, accounting and transboundary issues
 pdf-icon Accounting and reporting - Project Boundary and Leakage (148 kB) (Author: Stig Øyvind Uhr Svenningsen)
pdf-icon Technical and legal complexities presented by transboundary issues (467 kB) (Author: Tim Dixon)
 Risk and safety assessment
 pdf-icon Approaches to risk assessment and methodologies (1386 kB) (Author: Richard Metcalfe)
pdf-icon Good practices in risk assessment for major projects (1116 kB) (Author: Elisabeth Rose)
 pdf-icon Uncertainties in risk assessment for major projects (278 kB) (Author: Eva Filzmoser)
 pdf-icon Groundwater Protection (2021 kB) (Author: Katherine Romanak)
pdf-icon  Objectives technologies and predictive modelling (3645 kB) (Author: Andy Chadwick)
 pdf-icon Tools for Building Confidence Over Performance of Geological CO2 Storage (2198 kB) (Author: Professor Mohamed Sassi)
 pdf-icon In Salah CO2 storage project: Monitoring experience (458 kB) (Author: Iain Wright)
 Permanence and liability
 pdf-icon Towards Modalities and Procedures that Address Long-term Risks (833 kB) (Author: Sarah Forbes)
 pdf-icon Approaches to the allocation of liability (437 kB) (Author: Luke Warren)
 pdf-icon Long term liability and CCS (267 kB) (Author: Richard Macrory)
pdf-icon CCS- An insurance perspective (460 kB) (Author: Gaurav Bhatnagar)
 National CCS programmes and frameworks
pdf-icon  The South African Perspective on CCS (3500 kB) (Author: Brendan Beck)
pdf-icon The Relationship between International and Domestic Regulation - Australia (326 kB) (Author: Steve Tantala)
 Implications for modalities and procedures
 pdf-icon Reflecting the requirements in modalities and procedures for CCS (200 kB) (Author: Andrew Howard)