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Impact of Single Projects on Emissions in the Commitment Period

Key documents for earlier sessions
FCCC/CP/2002/MISC.2 Submissions from Iceland and Monaco
FCCC/CP/2001/5/Add.1 Completed decision on the impact of single projects on emissions in the commitment period
FCCC/CP/2001/2/Add.5 Consolidated negotiating text proposed by the President for COP 6 part II
FCCC/CP/2000/5/Add.3 (Vol.IV) Text forwarded to COP 6 part II by COP 6 part I
FCCC/CP/2000/INF.3 (Vol.IV) Text forwarded by SBSTA/SBI 13 part II to COP 6 part I (also on the table for COP 6 part II)
FCCC/CP/1998/MISC.11/Add.1 Draft decision proposed by Iceland at COP 4

Other documents
FCCC/SBSTA/1999/MISC.3 and Add.1 and Add.1/Corr.1 Analyses of the information provided by the delegation of Iceland. Submissions by Parties and responses by Iceland
FCCC/CP/1998/MISC.11 Response by Iceland to issues raised by other Parties
FCCC/SB/1998/MISC.1, Add.2 and Add.4 Submissions by Iceland, including responses to issues raised by other Parties during SBSTA 8 (June 1998)