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Submitting Party Title
Canada (PDF) (10 kB) Completesubmission in English in pdf-format
(PDF) (12 kB) Completesubmission in French in pdf-format
Finland on behalf of the European Community and its member States (PDF) (67 kB) Completesubmission in pdf-format
  (PDF) (7 kB) Corrigendumto submission in pdf-format
  refrigerant conservation
  refrigerant alternatives
  refrigerant charge size Reduction
  Alternative refrigeration technologies
refrigerant recovery and disposal
  Alternative foam blowing agents
  Not-in-kind insulation materials
  Emissions Reduction options for HFC-blown foams
  Reduction of HFC Emissions from aerosols
  Reduction of HFC Emissions from solvents
  Reduction of HFC and PFC Emissions from fire fighting
  Reducing HFC-23 Emissions from manufacturing of HCFC-22
  Reducing PFC Emissions from primary aluminium smelting
  Reducing PFC, HFC and SF6 Emissions from Semiconductors manufacturing
Japan Promotionof measures to limit HFC, PFC and SF6 Emissions in Japan
Kenya (PDF) (6 kB) Completesubmission in pdf-format
NewZealand (PDF) (5 kB) Completesubmission in pdf-format
Norway (PDF) (10 kB) Completesubmission in pdf-format
Sudan (PDF) (120 kB) Completesubmission in pdf-format
USA (PDF) (5 kB) Covernote in pdf-format
VoluntaryAluminum Industrial Partnership (VAIP)
SF6Emissions Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems
SF6Emission Reduction Partnership for the Magnesium Industry
U.S.Voluntary PFC Emission Reduction Partnership for Semiconductors
HFC-23Emission Reduction From HCFC-22 Manufacture
  U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air Act, Title VI, sections 608and 609 Recycling and Emissions Reduction s Programs
  U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air Act Title VI, section 612 SignificantNew Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program
Intergovernmental organizations
Submitting organization Title
UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) TEAP Task Force on HFCs and PFCs
Non-governmental organizations
Submitting organization Title
The Air Conditioning and refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) Declarationof intent on the Use of HFCs
The Air Conditioning and refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) Registerof refrigerant Handlers
American Air Liquide SF6/PFCCapture and Recycling System
ArthurD. Little Global Comparative Analysis of HFC and Alternative Technologies for refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Foam, Solvent, Aerosol Propellant, and Fire ProtectionAppications
AssociationFrancaise du Froid AssociationFrancaise du Froid submission
AustralianAluminium Council Aluminium Industry
Calor Gas Ltd.
Jointexpert submission
Use of non-HFC technology
ClimateAction Lanka refrigerant substitution
ECOFYS Reduction of the Emissions of HFC's, PFC's and SF6 in the European Union
EUROFEU TheNeed for Fluorocarbons in Fire Protection
Greenpeace (PDF) (84 kB) Howto limit HFC Emissions ? Eliminate them (pdf-format)
Greenpeace CoolTechnologies: Working without HFCs, Video
ICIKlea Reducing Emissions from domestic appliances
ICIKlea HFCs- Facts not Emotions
Institute of refrigeration Codeof Practice for the Minimization of refrigerant Emission s
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Amodel for estimating future Emissions of Sulfur Hexafluoride and Perfluorocarbons
International Institute of refrigeration Reduction of Emissions of HFCs. Various aspects to be taken into account
International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium (IPAC) IPACsubmission
International Primary Aluminium Institute PFCSurveys form International Primary Aluminium Institute
Oeko-Recherche Emission Reduction potential of HFCs, PFCs and SF6 in Germany
Solvay Flour und Derivate Life-CycleAssessment 'Electricity Supply Using SF6 Technology'
Solvay Flour und Derivate Primaryand secondary recycling of fluorinated refrigerant s
Solvay Flour und Derivate SF6Re Use concept
Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists Australia refrigerant recovery from written off vehicles
Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists Australia Registered Technicians Programme
Vehicool Adiabatic Air Conditioning (AAC)
World Semiconductor Council World Semiconductor Council Activities in Support of Limiting Emissions of HFC's,PFC's and SF6

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