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Dialogue on long-term cooperative action to address climate change by enhancing implementation of the Convention

Third workshop, 16-17 May 2007, Bonn, Germany


Working papers

(PDF) WP 1 (2007) Scenario note on the third Dialogue workshop

(PDF) WP 2 (2007)  Schedule

(PDF) WP 3 (2007)  Realizing the full potential of technology

(PDF) WP 4 (2007)  Addressing action on adaptation

(PDF) WP 5 (2007)  Submission from Japan

16 May - Presentations - Realizing the full potential of technology
 Mr. Dolf Gielen, International Energy Agency (PDF) Energy technology perspectives  
 Mr. David Hone, Shell (PDF) Policy perspectives to 2050 - A business contribution to the dialogues on cooperative action
 Ms. Ann Condon, General Electric (PDF) The General Electric Ecomagination Initiative
 Mr. Chris Leon, Cement Australia (PDF) A sectoral approach to reducing cement industry GHG emissions - The Australian viewpoint
 Ms. Fiona Nicholls, Rio Tinto (PDF) Coal with carbon capture and storage - Contributing to sustainable development
 Mr. Chow Kok Kee (PDF) EGTT contribution to the discussion on realizing the full potential of technologies

Presentations by Parties
China (PDF) Targeting at technologies: Innovative international mechanisms in the climate context
France on behalf of the European Community (PDF) Realising the potential of technology
Japan (PDF) Technology transfer - Fundamentals & success stories
USA (PDF) U.S. Climate change technology program (CCTP) Overview

17 May - Presentations - Addressing action on adaptation
IPCC (PDF) Links between adaptation and mitigation of climate change
China (PDF) Addressing action on adaptation
India (PDF) Adaptation approaches and strategies
Portugal on behalf of the European Community (PDF) The EU perspective on adaptation
South Africa (PDF) Emerging paradigms of understanding on climate change adaptation issues:  the 360 degree approach