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Pre-sessional Expert Meeting on Economic Diversification

Bonn, 16-17 May 2006
Salon Koch, Hotel Maritim, Bonn, Germany


The Buenos Aires programme of work on adaptation and response measures ( (PDF) Decision 1/CP.10) requests the secretariat in paragraph 16(b) to organize a pre-sessional expert meeting in conjunction with SBI 24 “to consider how economic diversification might be integrated into, and support sustainable development strategies and to discuss what technical assistance may be needed to develop structural and institutional capacity for facilitating efforts to achieve economic diversification, as well as how foreign and domestic private sector investments in these areas may be encouraged.”
At COP 11 one party expressed its views on the upcoming pre-sessional expert meeting on economic diversification, which can be found in document FCCC/SBI/2005/MISC.4.

Report on the expert meeting on economic diversification

(PDF) Background paper

(PDF) Agenda


                                                         Background and general presentations




Mr. Aaron Cosbey

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

(PDF) Economic Diversification, Sustainable Development and the Impacts of Response Measures

Mr. Ramiro Ramirez

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

OPEC on Economic Diversification

                    Session 1:  Economic diversification and sustainable development in developing countries




Ms. Le-Yin Zhang

University College London

(PDF) Economic Diversification and Sustainable Development: Linkages and Barriers

Mr. Mohammed Al-Zayer

Saudi Arabia

(PDF) Economic Diversification - A country perspective

Mr. Greg Picker


(PDF) Economic Diversification and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries: An Australian Perspective

Mr. Cédric Philibert

International Energy Agency (IEA)

(PDF) Economic Diversification and Sustainable Development - Facts and Thoughts

                 Session 2:  Technical support for structural and institutional capacity for economic diversification   




Ms. Le-Yin Zhang

University College London

(PDF) Fostering Economic Diversification

                 Session 3:  Foreign and domestic investments and partnerships to support economic diversification




Mr. Paul Watkinson

France on behalf of the EU

(PDF) EU Perspectives on Economic Diversification for Sustainable Development

Mr. Mustafa Babiker

Arab Planning Institute

(PDF) Economic Diversification in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - Prospects and Challenges 

    (PDF) Note from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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