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Workshop on the preparation of the fourth national communications by
Parties included in Annex I to the Convention
30 September - 1 October 2004
Dublin, Ireland


Morning session - day 1
  Vitaly Matsarski (UNFCCC)
National circumstances and greenhouse gas inventory information
  Katia Simeonova (UNFCCC)
  Mirja Kosonen (Finland)
  Erik Rasmussen (Denmark)

Mario Contaldi (Italy)

Etienne Hannon (Belgium)
Vulnerability assessment, climate change impacts and adaptation measures
  Olga Pilifosova (UNFCCC)

Herbert Formayer (Austria)

Sonja Vidic (Croatia)


Afternoon session - day 1

Policies and measures
  Katia Simeonova (UNFCCC)
  Andrew Johnson (New Zealand)
  Reid Harvey (United States)

Merrilee Bonney (The Netherlands)

Sian Pries (United Kingdom)
Julia Reinaud (IEA)
Research and systematic observation
  Olga Pilifosova (UNFCCC)
  Georgy Gruza, (Russian Federation)
  Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero (European Commission)
Hartmut Behrend (European Commission)
Morning session - day 2
Projections and the total effect of policies and measures
  Katia Simeonova (UNFCCC)

Michael Young (Ireland)
  Per Stiansen (Norway)
  Juha Turkki (Finland)

Jiri Spitz (Czech Republic)
Education, training and public awareness
  Harald Diaz-Bone (UNFCCC)

Pat Dolan (Canada)
Kerstin Heikenfeldt

Afternoon session - day 2
Financial resources and transfer of technology
  Harald Diaz-Bone (UNFCCC)
  Reid Harvey (United States)

Satoshi Ogawa (Japan)

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