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UNFCCC Workshop on emissions projections of Annex I Parties
6-8 September 2004
Bonn, Germany


Introductory presentation by the UNFCCC secretariat
General and cross cutting issues
  Cross cutting issues Australian perspecitve
Neil Ferry, Australia
  Methodology Emissions Projections
Francis Bossier, Belgium
  Bulgaria GHG emissionprojections-Results and methodological problems
Christo Christov, Bulgaria
  Austrian approach
Andrea Edelmann, Austria
  Methodology of Emissions Projections
Francis Bossier, Belgium
  The Ikarus instruments
Stefan Voegele, Germany
  Gen. and cross cutting issues
Takaaki Ito, Japan
  Projecting GHG emissions and removals
Len Brown, New Zealand
  Norwegian emissions projections. Facts and experiences
Ann Forsli, Norway
  Experiences with energy-related GHG projections for Slovenia
Stane Merše, Slovenia
Specific issues relating to agriculture and LUCF
  Projections of GHG emissions from agriculture
Trevor Donellan, Ireland
  GHG emission scenarios for agriculture
Paula Pärälä, Finland
  GHG emission projections from the agricultural sector in Denmark
Sten Rasmussen, Denmark
Projecting GHG emissions and removals from agriculture and LUCF
Len Brown, New Zealand
Specific issues relating to energy, industry and waste
  (PDF) Prospective estimation of greenhouse gas emissions in industry in the Republic of Belarus
Volha Sazonava, Republic of Belarus
  Experience in Belgium-Energy demand modelling with the EPM bottom-up model
Francis Altdorfer, Belgium
  Methodology to model the future energy scenario for China
Kejun Jiang, China
  Issues in the Preparation of GHG Projections for the Energy Sector, Transport, Industry and Waste Management in the Czech Republic
Jirí Spitz, Czech Republic
  Experience with GHG emission projections for energy sector in Latvia
Janis Rekis, Latvia
  GHG emissions from energy
Dalia Streimikiene, Lithuania
  The ECN model structure for energy projections
Ton van Dril, The Netherlands

Emissions projections Turkey
Nilgun Egemen, Turkey

  US approach for projected GHG emissions
Katherine Delhotal, United States
Summary presentations
  Issues in the preparation of GHG projections for agriculture and land use, land-use change and forestry
Micheal Young
  GHG projections for the energy sector, transport, industry and waste management
Neil Ferry
  General and cross-cutting issues - summary discussion
Hans-Joachim Ziesing