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In-session workshop on Climate Change mitigation: vulnerability and risk, sustainable development, opportunities and solutions
19 June 2004, Bonn, Germany


Mr. Ajay Mathur, Synergy Global - “Energy Sector Development and Climate Mitigation”

Ms. Sara J. Scherr, Forest Trends - “Greenhouse Gas Mitigation as a Tool for Sustainable Rural Development: Linking International Action on Climate Change, Hunger and Poverty, and Environmental Conservation”

Mr. Yang Hongwei, China Energy Research Institute - “Energy Development in China: From a View Point of Sustainable Development”

Mr. Christobal Burgos, European Commission, Directorate Generale for Energy and Transport - “Greenhouse gas mitigation and energy policy, a European perspective”

Mr. Bob MacGregor, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - “Climate Change Mitigation Policy for Agriculture in Canada: Horizontal Policy Integration"

Mr. Stephen Karakezi, African Energy Policy Research Network - “Experiences with renewable and energy efficiency projects in Africa”

(PDF) Mr. Marco Antonio Rondon, International Center for Tropical Agriculture - “Improving rural livelihoods and the global environment through Agricultural intensification: a case study from Latin America” (2358 kB)

Mr. Igor Bashmakov, Center for Energy Efficiency Russia - “Case studies of District Heating in Russia”

Ms. Sirin Towprayoon, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thailand – “Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options from Rice Fields”

Mr. Edward Rubins, Cornell University - “Technology Innovation for Climate Mitigation and Its Relation to Government Policies”

Ms. Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn – “Technology Innovation and Potential in Agriculture”

Mr. Teodoro Sanchez-Campos, Intermediate Technology Development Group - “Rural Energy development in Latin America”

(PDF) Mr. Takashi Tomita, Sharp Corporation, Japan - “The Contribution of Photovoltaic Systems to Reduction of CO2” (1342 kB)

(PDF) Mr. Gerald Rys, New Zealand Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture - “A Pathway to Non-CO2 Mitigation Discovery for Pastoral Agriculture in New Zealand” (417 kB)