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UNFCCC workshop on the IPCC Third Assessment Report
Ahrstrasse 45, 53175 Bonn, Germany
4 – 6 April 2002

(PDF) IPCC TAR Introduction
Mr. R. Watson
(212 kB)
(PDF) Risk and Uncertainties in Anthropogenic Control over Greenhouse Forcing in the TAR with a focus on Atmospheric Chemistry
Mr. M. Prather
(538 kB)
Observing Climate Variability and Change
Mr. T. Karl
(PDF) Long-Term Technological Options
Mr. N. Nakicenovic
(459 kB)
(PDF) Detection and prediction of climate change and beyond
Mr. J.F.B. Mitchell
(504 kB)
(PDF) New knowledge from the IPCC's Third Assessment: Assessing the risk of impact
Mr. M. Parry
(489 kB)
(PDF) Arctic Dimensions of the IPCC Third Assessment Report
Mr. S. Cohen
(1008 kB)
(PDF) Adaptation in the IPCC
Mr. T. Downing
(710 kB)
(PDF) Climate Change Mitigation
The Working Group III contribution to the IPCC Third Assessment Report
Mr. B. Metz
(743 kB)
(PDF) 15 key issues from TAR WG-III Chapter 6 (Policies and Measures)
Mr. C. Jepma
(42 kB)
(PDF) Climate Change Mitigation: Barriers, Opportunities and Technology Transfer
Mr. J. Sathaye
(48 kB)
(PDF) Technological and Biological Mitigation Potentials and Opportunities
Major findings from the IPCC WG III contribution to the Third Assessment Report
Mr. J. Moreira
(52 kB)
(PDF) Innovative Technologies: What is needed to control GHG emissions?
Mr. R. Swart
(38 kB)