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Expert meeting to assess experiences in the use of the reporting
and review guidelines of GHG inventories of Annex I Parties

Beethovenhalle Bonn, Germany
4 - 6 December, 2001

(PDF) Final agenda (12 kB)

(PDF) List of documents and other reference material (8 kB)

(PDF) List of participants (45 kB)

Documents prepared for the expert meeting:

(PDF) Working paper No. 5 (2001) - Key issues to be addressed at the expert meeting

(63 kB) (PDF) Working paper No. 6 (2001) - Possible modifications to the UNFCCC reporting guidelines to reflect the IPCC good practice guidance

(90 kB) (PDF) Working paper No. 7 (2001) - Reporting of land use change and forestry. Possible modifications to sectoral tables of the common reporting format on land-use change and forestry

(40 kB) (PDF) Annex to working paper No. 7 (2001)
(171 kB)
(PDF) Preliminary guidance for review experts (27 kB)

Presentations from national experts during a round table discussion on Parties' experience with individual reviews using different approaches:

(PDF) Presentation of Australia - Penny Reyenga (39 kB)
(PDF) Presentation of Austria - Klaus Radunsky (124 kB)
(PDF) Presentation of the Netherlands - Klaus Radunsky (36 kB)
(PDF) Presentation of New Zealand - Helen Plume (41 kB)
(PDF) Presentation of the United States of America - Michael Gillenwater (38 kB)

Conclusions of the expert meetings (the report of the expert meeting is in progress)

Recommendations from sectoral groups on reporting tables of the CRF relating to (PDF) energy (11 kB) , (PDF) industrial processes - solvent use - waste (14 kB) and (PDF) agriculture (19 kB)

Views received on the recommendations of the sectoral groups and on the structure of the national inventory report:

(PDF) Views from inventory experts of Australia (14 kB)

(PDF) Views from inventory experts of the United States of America (31 kB)