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UNFCCC workshop on methodologies on climate change impact and adaptation

Hotel Mont Gabriel, St. Adele, Nr. Montreal, Canada
11 — 14 June 2001

The UNFCCC workshop on methodologies on climate change impact and adaptation is organized in response to a mandate of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) at its thirteen session. The SBSTA requested the secretariat to organise a workshop with participation of experts from the IPCC and the user community, after acceptance of the IPCC Third Assessment Report. The workshop will explore:

  • The experience in applying current impact and adaptation methodologies and their emerging needs;
  • The current state of the art of methodologies as identified in the IPCC Third Assessment Report, and how these apply to the specific circumstances of developing countries;
  • Options for improving the quality and dissemination of information on impact and adaptation methodologies.

The UNFCCC workshop will be conducted back-to- back with the UNDP-GEF workshop on an Adaptation Policy Framework as identified in the provisional agenda. The UNDP-GEF workshop will:

  • Further develop the UNDP-GEF Adaptation Policy Framework: Capacity Building for Stage II Adaptation;
  • Identify Methodologies needed for the UNDP-GEF Adaptation Policy Framework, by drawing upon the UNFCCC Compendium of Decision Tools to Evaluate Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change;
  • Make recommendations on the direction of future work.

Participants of the workshops will include experts from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention, as well as from a number of Annex I Parties, IPCC experts and representatives of the United Nations organisations, and a number of non-governmental organizations.

The workshops will provide an opportunity: (i) to exchange experiences between national experts from developing and developed countries, and IPCC experts in applying current methodologies, (ii) to discuss limitations of the current methodologies and (iii) to identify solutions and the direction of future work. The workshops will contribute to the overall objectives of the UNFCCC and UNDP-GEF in relation to assessment of impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, and implementation of adaptation measures. The output of the UNFCCC workshop will be a report to the SBSTA for consideration at its fifteenth session. The output of the UNDP-GEF workshop will be recommendations or developing an Adaptation Policy Framework and associated methodologies.

The workshops are sponsored by the UNFCCC, UNDP-GEF, in cooperation with Environment Canada.


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