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Hotel Mont Gabriel, St. Adele, Nr. Montreal, Canada
11 — 14 June 2001

UNFCCC sessions, presentations in Powerpoint
  "UNFCCC workshop: objectives, focus and procedure" by Olga Pilifosova, UNFCCC
  "Methods and Tools - IPCC WG II, Chapter 2" by Gary Yohe, United States

(PDF) "IPCC TAR WG II findings regarding adaption and their implications for impacts/vulnerability/adaption methodologies" by Bary Smit, Canada (195 kB)


"Developing and Applying Scenarios" by Roger Jones, Australia

  "Guidelines for Impact and Adaptation Assessment - Design versus Implementation Issues" by Richard Klein, Netherlands
  "Adaptation in the UNFCCC process" by Youssef Nassef, UNFCCC
  "CGE on V&A methods " by Isabelle Niang-Diop, Senegal
  "Adaptation" by Paola Rossi, STAP
  "Methodological constrains and need in the area of V&A assessment in the Central American region" by Emilio Sempris, Panama

"The Cook Islands limited experience applying impacts assessment methodologies" by Pasha Carruthers, Cook Islands (1.5 meg)

  "Potential Relationships between exposure situations and disease conditions" by Carlos Corvalan, WHO

"Dissemination of methodologies: UNFCCC work, next steps" by Olga Pilifosova, UNFCCC

  "How Can Impacts Models, Information About Them, and Their Use Be Improved?" by Joel Smith, United States (1.6 meg)
  "UK approach to climate change: Impacts and adaptation" by Penny Bramwell, United Kingdom
UNDP-GEF sessions, presentations in Powerpoint
  Objectives by Bo Lim, UNDP-GEF
  "Developing an adaptation policy framework" by Bo Lim, UNDP-GEF

"Characterising Climate Risks" by Roger Jones, Australia

  "Adaptation Baselines Through V&A Assessments" by Helmy Eid, Egypt
  "Adaptation Baselines Through V&A Assessments, full version" by Helmy Eid, Egypt
  "Climate Risks in the Low Watershed of the Lempa River" by Yvette Aguilar, El Salvador
  "Autonomous & Planned Adaptation: in the Low Watershed of the Lempa river" by Yvette Aguilar, El Salvador
  "Strengthening Adaptive Capacity" by Cecilia Conde, Mexico
  "Adaptation baselines" by Isabelle Niang-Diop, Senegal