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UNFCCC workshop for the development of a work programme on Article 6 of the Convention:
Education, Training and Public Awareness
Hotel Maritim

Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn, Germany
2– 3 June 2002

The workshop was organized by the secretariat on 2-3 June in Bonn aimed at identifying the priority areas and develop a work programme on Article 6 of the Convention, as called for by the SBSTA at its fifteenth session. While proposals have been made on how to promote the implementation of Article 6, further work is needed by Parties to:

(a) Prioritize their needs as identified in FCCC/SBSTA/2001/6 and Add.1;
(b) Identify elements of good practice, information products and mechanisms for information exchange;
(c) Consider the needs and recommendations from the CGE contained in FCCC/SBI/2001/15 concerning education, training and public awareness; and,
(d) Better integrate the reporting of Article 6 within their National Communications.

The SBSTA also recognizes the potential contribution of UN organizations and IGOs/NGOs. Therefore, the workshop activities also included: considering information received from UN organizations and IGOs/NGOs on their activities relating to Article 6 ; identifying how these organizations could support Parties, particularly non Annex I Parties and Parties with economies in transition, in implementing a work programme at the national level; and, reviewing the role of the secretariat in supporting the work programme, such as, compilation of lessons learned, best practices and information products.

(PDF) Agenda (15 kB)
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Background papers
Reference list
(PDF) Workshop report