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UNFCCC/UNDP Expert meeting on methodologies
for technology needs assessments
KEMCO, Seoul, Republic of Korea
23 - 25 April 2002
1. (PDF) Technology transfer in the context of the climate change convention (156 kB)
Wanna Tanuchaiwatana, UNFCCC Secretariat
2. (PDF) Tools and methodologies in assessing technology needs: an overview (165 kB)
Zou Ji, UNFCCC consultant
3. (PDF) Tools and methodologies in assessing technology needs (126 kB)
Yolando Velasco, UNFCCC Secretariat
4. (PDF) Preliminary technology needs assessment in Bolivia (387 kB)
Javier Hanna, Bolivia
5. (PDF) Ghana’s climate change technology transfer needs assessment (281 kB)
William Agyemang, Ghana
6. (PDF) Technology needs assessment: experiences from Thailand (9 kB)
Vute Wangwacharakul, Thailand
7. (PDF) The role of private sector in technology needs assessments (227 kB)
Sebastian Gallehr, EBCSEF
8. Experience from capacity building & technology needs assessments for industry: Africa & Asia
Peter Pembleton, UNIDO
9. (PDF) Technology needs assessments methods and country experiences (264 kB)
Ron Benioff, CTI
10. (PDF) Barriers to technology transfer - environmentally sound technologies and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol (91 kB)
11. (PDF) Integration of identified technology needs with the current development programs (570 kB)
Sungchul Shin, Korea
12. (PDF) PERU: country report - technology needs assessments (613 kB)
Glicerio Torres, Peru
13. Republic of Moldova: county case study on technology needs assessment and technology needs integration with national current development programs
Marius Taranu, Moldova
14. (PDF) Technology needs in the energy sector - identification and response in German technical cooperation (1372 kB)
Holger Liptow, Germany
15. (PDF) Technology needs assessments under GEF enabling activities "Top Ups" (111 kB)
Yamil Bonduki, UNDP
16. (PDF) A practical methodology for technology needs assessment: introduction and overview of preliminary issues (207 kB)
Rob Gross, UNDP/NCSP Consultant
17. (PDF) Canadian approach to convention commitments: technology transfer (210 kB)
Alexandra Mallett, Canada
18. (PDF) Danish development cooperation (176 kB)
Vivi Yieng-Kow, Denmark
19. (PDF) Do you really wants to hear about U.S. activities?: a presentation in transition (71 kB)
Ko Barrett, USA
20. UNIDO Support for industry under the climate Convention
Peter Pembleton, UNIDO
21. (PDF) Technical assistance for needs assessments available from the Climate Technology Initiative (207 kB)
Elmer Holt, CTI
22. (PDF) Technology transfer in bilateral program and lessons learned: the case of Korea (558 kB)
Suk Hoon Woo, Republic of Korea
23. (PDF) Case studies of technology transfer projects and partnerships - a small island perspective (379 kB)
Kishan Kumarsingh, Trinidad and Tobago
24. (PDF) Disseminating technology needs assessments information through TT:CLEAR (238 kB)
Florin Vladu, UNFCCC secretariat
25. (PDF) The discussion of the role of the UNFCCC technology website (90 kB)
Li Junfeng, China
26. Technology transfer and national communications
George Manful, UNFCCC Secretariat
Other documents
(PDF) Methods for climate change technology transfer needs assessments and implementing activities: experiences of developing and transition countries, CTI (332 kB)