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SBSTA 19 Pre-sessional consultations on the IPCC Third Assessment Report
27-28 November 2003
Milan, Italy

List of presentations given at the TAR pre-sessional consultations

Presenter Organization Subject

Brian Challenger
Antigua and Barbuda

Ministry of Public Utilities and Aviation

Adaptation to global change: Movement towards Implementation

Chris West, United Kingdom

UK Climate Impacts Programme

Presentation of EKCIP
NOTE: Due to size, presentation is compressed. (7.7 meg)

Christopher Boyd, Italy

Lafarge, Italy

Lafarge and Climate Change

Paul Desanker, Malawi

Penn State University

Need for National Integrated Assessment Models for Adaptation and Emphasis on Local Coping and Indigenous Technologies

Gabor Vereczi, Spain

World Tourism Organization

Climate Change and Tourism

Gotelind Alber, Germany

Climate Alliance

Local authorities and climate protection

Jerry Marks, United States

Global Aluminium Sustainable Initiative

A successful worldwide voluntary approach to mitigation

Jiahua Pan, China

Research Centre for Sustainable Development

Climate change mitigation and human development. Goals: Reconciliation not confrontation

Jose Moreira, Brazil

Brazilian National Reference Centre on Biomass

(PDF) Sustainable Development evaluation from climate change mitigation options – the case of renewable energies

Patrik Karani, Kenya

Bureau of Environmental Analysis

Local community initiatives in mitigating climate chnge and promoting sustainable development

Martin Parry


WGII – Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

Merylyn Hedger, United States


Practitioner perspective

Michael Grubb, United Kingdom

The Carbon Trust

Climate change, Innovation and the fossil fuel industries – insights from UK experience and links to the TAR

Ligia Noronha, India


Lessons from other vulnerability and adaptation assessments

Ogunlade Davidson, South Africa


WGIII – AR4 Outline

Pasha Carruthers, Cook Islands

Cook Islands Environment Service

Climate Change Adaptation Experience

Annie Petsonk and Yuri Safanov

Environmental Defense

Economic growth and GHG emissions: opportunities to split the trends

Tore Torp, Norway


Underground Storage of CO2 – Experience and outlook
NOTE: Due to size, presentation is compressed. (17.9 meg)

Zdravko Genchev, Bulgaria


Energy Efficiency for Climate Change Mitigation
NOTE: Due to size, presentation is compressed. (4 meg)

Ian Burton, Canada

University of Toronto

(PDF) Some suggestions for the adaptation agenda

(PDF) Insurance for climate change:
Opportunities for Public-Private Partnership Initiatives To Share Losses and Promote Adaptation