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The African regional workshop on the implementation of Article 6: Education, Training and Public Awareness

Banjul, The Gambia, 28-30 January 2004

On this page you will find relevant information from the 2004 workshop on Article 6 of the convention, referred to as Action for Climate Empowerment or ACE as of 2016. The information below includes the report of the workshop, a list of participants and the links to presentations given.


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Presentations and Papers discussed

1. Introduction to the Workshop - Fatou Gaye, The Gambia Article 6 Focal Point

2. Introduction to Article 6 and New Delhi Work Programme - June Budhooram, UNFCCC Secretariat

3. Presentation of results from the advance questionnaire - Michael Williams, UNEP

4. (PDF) Presentation - Christophe Djossou Gbemiga, Agency of Young Reporters of Environment and Health in Benin (AYOREB), Benin

5. Francophone Working Group - Session A

6. (PDF) Presentation - Etienne Sarr, Aghrymet Regional Centre

7. Presentation - Damian Ihedioha, Programme Coordinator, Nigerian Environmental Study action Team-NEST

8. (PDF) Presentation - Amel Bida, Deputy Director, National Agency for Renewable Energy, Tunisia

9. (PDF) Presentation - Andreas Schoenefeld, International Trypanotolerant Centre

10. NEPAD Environment Initiative Action Plan and the Regional Economic Commissions - Alex Alusa, Deputy Director, UNEP Regional Office for Africa

11. Presentation - Lars Haltbrekken, UNEP/GRID-Arendal

12. (PDF) Presentation on sub-regional cooperation - Abdou Fall, International Trypanotolerant Centre

13. Francophone Working Group - Session B

14. (PDF) Presentation - Sukai Bojang, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

15. (PDF) Presentation - Barbara DeRosa-Joynt, US State Department

16. (PDF) Presentation - Ebou Kah, Department of State for Education, The Gambia

National experiences

Benin, The Gambia, Madagascar, (PDF) Namibia, Nigeria, Central Africa, South Africa

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Conclusions of the Workshop

17. Francophone group

18. Anglophone group

Final report:

Report from the workshop

(PDF) List of Participants

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