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ADP - ADP 2-3
12 - 21 Nov 2013


Additional in-session information
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Statements at ADP 2

Briefings at ADP 2

pdf-icon List of in-session workshops and events relevant to the work of the ADP (150 kB)





Summaries of the workshops and the Co-Chairs' special event


Summary report on the workshop on lessons learned from relevant experience of other multilateral environmental agreements
pdf-icon ADP.2013.17.InformalSummary

Summary report on the workshop on pre-2020 ambition: urbanization and the role of governments in facilitating climate action in cities
pdf-icon ADP.2013.18.InformalSummary

Summary of the ADP Co-Chairs’ special event
pdf-icon ADP.2013.19.InformalSummary