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Bonn Media Training Workshop for developing country journalists - 7 to 11 June 2010


Reports of workshop participants

 Date  Headlines
04 July 2010 Reportaje  "Cambio Climático" 
04 July 2010 Las negociaciones de Bonn y el cambio climático 
30 June 2010 pdf-icon Earth Conscious June 2010 (7508 kB)
30 June 2010 Climate change negotiator
28 June 2010 Southeast Asia rises to the wind challenge
25 June 2010 Cambio climático: sin humo blanco
19 June 2010 En busca de medidas contra el cambio climático (audio)
16 June 2010 Conflicting interests stall climate change deal
15 June 2010 Thailand rejects climate draft
14 June 2010 ‘United global action, no less’ 
14 June 2010 Instan a usar tecnologías "limpias" para mitigar el cambio climático
14 June 2010  New Draft for Climate Deal One 'We Can Work On'
12 June 2010  Bright future for wind-market growth seen in RP, rest of Asia
12 June 2010  En Alemania ignoran pacto de Tiquipaya
11 June 2010  Contrastes en el cambio climático
11 June 2010  Novo código impedirá País de cumprir meta de clima
11 June 2010 Civil society groups attending a meeting on climate change
11 June 2010  Saudi placard vandalized, climate talks slowed further
11 June 2010  Island states fight for survival in climate talks
10 June 2010  Survival of poor nations at risk of climate is paramount
10 June 2010 pdf-icon  Island nations oppose dismissal of 1.5 degree C concerns: (50 kB)
10 June 2010 UN climate official warns of long process to address
climate change
10 June 2010 Countries in process of rebuilding trust, new UN climate
chief says
10 June 2010 Fissure over numbers as some countries block climate
study (Lead)
10 June 2010 Yvo de Boer se despede da ONU com palmas
10 June 2010 Heated debate in Bonn over commitments
10 June 2010 'Will referee hand out the red card in Mexico?'
09 June 2010 Climate treaty by end of ’10 unlikely
09 June 2010  pdf-icon Leaving Copenhagen behind (61 kB)
09 June 2010 "Peer review" offers new path for climate monitoring:
Mexico's climate chief
09 June 2010 Países podem aumentar emissões de CO2,mesmo
com metasatuais,diz Bolívia
09 June 2010 Ricos precisam fornecer recursos contra a mudança climática,
diz Brasil
09 June 2010 pdf-icon De Boer warns of red card as time runs out for climate deal (48 kB)
09 June 2010 pdf-icon Hay ecologistas que van a toda cumbre (96 kB)
09 June 2010 I had both failure and success: outgoing UN climate chief
09 June 2010 Cancún não resolverá todas as questões, diz embaixador
09 June 2010 pdf-icon Mexico speaks out in climate talks, while coastal
communities take the pain
(27 kB)
08 June 2010 Jonathan Pershing, US head of delegation, speaking
to members of the Climate Change Media Partnership (audio file)
08 June 2010 ONU quiere reconstruir la confianza en acuerdos
08 June 2010 Apathy mars Bonn climate change talks
08 June 2010 Mexico will not come up with single treaty on Climate Change
08 June 2010 Climate financing is key in Bonn
08 June 2010 pdf-icon Bonn, poco optimismo en negociaciones (49 kB)
08 June 2010 Climate change fund will be a grant
08 June 2010 Chefe de clima da ONU não crê em metas fortes em dez anos
07 June 2010 Finance poses major challenge at UN negotiations in Bonn
07 June 2010 pdf-icon Finance a sticking point in negotiations (26 kB)
07 June 2010

Talks won’t arrest global warming in next decade:
UN climate chief

07 June 2010  Post-Copenhagen, few expectations from Bonn
07 June 2010 pdf-icon  Eyes on Mexico (51 kB)
02 June 2010  New round of climate negotiation begins