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Rio Conventions Calendar 2011 - Sponsors
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Investing today in non-conventional energy sources is critical to achieving a sustainable future. Cutting-edge technologies will ensure our footprint on the environment is carbon and water neutral. Our very own “OCTAGAGREEN” premium spirit label, a portfolio of premium tripledistilled grain alcohol is an example of this – made by the best, for the best, in the best ways. All this, while innovatively adding value for our local stakeholders. There are more than 950 million vehicles running worldwide today, and this number is still increasing, unstoppable every year. As we consider this huge amount we could easily see automotive industry and transport as a major pollutant of the environment and a notable contributor to the global warming. Is this fact inevitable? DENSO thinks it is not. Strong businesses and governments, willingly engaged, are the most effective means of addressing our shared climate change and sustainability challenges. KPMG International’s global network of Climate Change & Sustainability professionals help private and public sector clients to successfully enhance performance, manage risk, and capitalize on opportunity. Meaningful change starts from within. OneWorld Sustainable Investments links experts, academics, policy makers and organisations across sectors and disciplines. In forging effective public, private and community partnerships, we integrate financial, social and economic considerations. Our solutions are tailored for leaders with a mandate to move quickly. OneWorld’s extensive references include international government, banks and energy companies.
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DESSO, a leading manufacturer of high quality carpet tiles, broadloom and artificial turf, has a positive agenda with its Cradle to Cradle® strategy. Sustainability policies tend to lay down rules to lessen environmental impact. Cradle to Cradle® is about ‘doing the right things right’, thus improving the quality of life and the environment. The challenges of climate change can best be met by cross-border international cooperation. Annually, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables over 2,000 researchers from abroad to spend time researching in Germany. Among them are up to 20 International Climate Protection Fellows, who aim at strengthening international cooperation for better climate protection. Wageningen University & Research centre (Wageningen UR) works on the quality of life, linking science to the challenges of sustainable development. Together with stakeholders we tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, food security, and poverty in an integrated way. The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) is an internationally focused unit of Wageningen UR specialized in innovation and change processes, knowledge brokering and capacity development. Challenges evoked by the economic crisis and climate change are calling for lasting future concepts and solutions. Siemens is a leader in sustainable infrastructure technologies with its unique environmental portfolio, which in 2009 helped customers save up to 210 million tons of CO2. Walking the talk, Siemens is also aiming at reducing CO2 emissions by 20% within the company by 2011.
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At APP, we take our responsibility as stewards of the environment seriously. We support various conservation programs, most recently the Kampar Carbon Reserve in Sumatra, the world’s first pulpwood plantation to carbon plantation project, that is expected to store millions of tons of carbon. Caring for our environment is vital to mankind in this century. SWICO Recycling assumes ecological responsibility as part of its operations. It ensures that reusable raw materials from discarded electrical and electronic materials are fed back into the production cycle, and makes arrangements for the professional recycling of hazardous pollutants. Seed is Life! The seed industry has contributed to sustainable agriculture through a diversity of high yielding varieties resistant to pests and diseases and with a higher tolerance to abiotic stresses. It is at the forefront of efforts to meet the twin challenges of finite arable land and water resources, and extreme weather patterns facing the planet. South Africa associates with the Rio Conventions – CBD, UNFCCC and UNCCD. To support the adaptation of the society and biodiversity to climate change, we need to build resilience back into degraded and fragmented ecosystems. As we prepare to host the UNFCCC COP17/CMP7 in 2011, we pledge our commitment to an international agreement for the climate change.

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