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Rio Conventions Calendar 2009 - Sponsors
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Today, two-thirds of the energy used in Kalmar Region is based on renewable energy sources. By 2030 the region will no longer use fossil fuels. Our work is based on such things as RES, climate effective industries and the cleanest bus fleet in the world. Petrobras is committed to principles of social and environmental responsibility and has defined objectives, strategies and goals to incorporate global climate change issues into its business and management planning. As a technology- based organization, Petrobras achieves its strategic goals through sound R&D programs with more than 220 projects, including carbon capture and storage, natural gas, energy efficiency, hydrogen, and renewable energy. An intergovernmental European framework for international cooperation between nationally funded research activities – creates global scientific networks and enables scientists to collaboratively pursue their own interests. Through its Actions past and present, COST helps protect our environment and makes our lives greener. C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in Seoul, May 18–21, 2009 Mayors, experts and leaders from major cities will gather in Seoul. The C40 Climate Summit will become a chance to review cities’ achievements and identify new challenges in coping with climate change. In conjunction with the Summit, the Seoul Climate Change Expo will offer opportunities to experience cutting edge technologies including greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energies.
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As Germany’s United Nations City, Bonn works towards sustainable development worldwide, houses global players and is a hub for science and research. Flanking the UN Campus, the World Conference Center Bonn provides excellent international conference facilities. Beethoven’s birthplace is renowned for its cultural programme and attractive Rhine valley location.

The Basque Government has devised the Basque Plan against Climate Change 2008–2012, within which the Basque Centre on Climate Change (Bc3) has been created. The Centre’s aim is to promote research on the CO2 emissions reduction and the consequences of climate change. The Centre has signed a cooperation agreement with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), managed by Rajendra K. Pachauri.

Eusko Jaurlaritzak Klima Aldaketaren aurkako Euskal Plana 2008-2012 gauzatu du, berotegi efektuko gasen emisioak murriztu eta ondorioetara egokitzeko xedez. Plan honen baitan sortu da Klima aldaketaren Bikaintasunezko Ikerketa Zentroa (Bc3), klima aldaketaren ondorioen eta emisioak murrizteko alternatiben gaineko ezagutza bultzatzeko. Zentro honek Rajendra K. Pachauri jaunak zuzentzen duen Energiaren eta Baliabideen Institutuarekin (TERI) elkarlanerako hitzarmena sinatu berri du.

Galicia is a region located in the NW of the Iberian Peninsula with a 1200 km coastline. The Galician Government, aware of the impacts of a changing environment on our territory, has recently implemented a comprehensive action plan against climate change (2008–2012). A plan conceived to drive Galicia towards a more sustainable future.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, develops knowledge about our biological natural resources – everything that lives and grows. At SLU we conduct research, teach and inform about the opportunities, and possible risks incurred, when using our forests, landscapes, soils and animals in different ways.
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Our Carbon Banking offering covers a broad spectrum of financial services from equity to debt and from trading to administration. By participating in CDM and JI projects, Fortis brings an important contribution in facilitating GHG abatement projects in economies in transition and developing countries. RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) supplies Europe, Asia and America with liquefied natural gas, one of the world’s most climate-friendly fossil fuels, from Qatar, the world’s largest and most reliable source.As a world leading energy company, RasGas is proactive in environmental issues, seeing its responsibility for the preservation and development of the environment as a core commitment. Spitsbergen Travel is the largest and oldest tour operator on Spitsbergen, offering high Arctic cruises, day trips, expeditions, and accommodation. In all our activities we strive to minimize the impact on the Arctic nature. We are also a part of WWF’s climate project Climate Savers as the only tour operator in the world. Noble Carbon Credits is a world leader in the market for project-based carbon emission reductions offset credits, holding a roughly 20% market share of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued to date under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. Noble Carbon has to date received 30 million issued CERs, and has recently launched its expansion into the United States.
ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel company, is committed to the sustainable management of the environment and of finite resources. It recognises that it has a significant opportunity to tackle the global climate change challenge: it takes a leading role in the industry’s efforts to develop breakthrough steelmaking technologies and is researching and developing steel- based technologies and solutions that contribute to combat climate change.