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Rio Conventions Calendar 2007 - Sponsors
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Abruzzo has 30% protected territory, 2600 vegetal species, and unique animal species, such as the Marsican Brown Bear, which is at risk of extinction. It has been agreed among the Environment Ministry, Region Abruzzo National Park, Forestall Body, the University of Rome and the Wild Fauna National Institute to prolong Abruzzo’s naturally high biodiversity, considering the small area of the region.
Parks, Territory, Environment and Energy Department
The Flemish Government aspires to create a better and healthier environment for present and future generations. The Environment, Nature and Energy Department is charged with this task. Taking a key position in the environmental administration, it is responsible for planning and evaluating environmental policy in compliance with economic and social demands. It also oversees the co-ordination of all environmental factors, as well as the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation in Flanders. The Campania Government has designated a number of protected areas that extend throughout the Region, embracing its different ecosystems. The parks and nature reserves also maintain an enviable cultural heritage within their territories. Our cultural and natural heritage are a strong legacy from the past, which we enjoy today and will pass on to our future generations. On. Dott. Luigi Nocera, Deputy Minister of Environmental Policy Campania Region – Italy
Local Authority for Environmental Policy
Greenland’s ice cores provide massive volumes of historical source material. This offers great potential for research in the correlations between climate, biodiversity patterns, adaptation, ecosystems and societies, with natural and striking climatic fluctuations taking place over short periods of time. Among scientists, Greenland is considered a key element of future change as the melting of its ice sheet is a potential “switch” for the Gulf Stream and the future climate of Europe.
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Region Västra Götaland in western Sweden has 1.5 million inhabitants and a work force of 50,000. Its main responsibilities are health care and regional development, including public transport and the environment. Region Västra Götaland has many companies with technological expertise committed to strong environmental research. Climate change is one of our priorities. We focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport and energy use. We have positive experiences from energy efficient housing and renewable fuels for vehicles. As the responsibility of a global citizen, Ricoh group strives to honour obligation-conscious environmental conservation activities, which we believe are to achieve environmental benefits whilst promoting business growth. To contend with global warming, Ricoh group has set absolute CO2 reduction targets of up to 12% (visa- vis 1990) in Japan, and 10% (vis-a-vis 1998) overseas.Consequently, we promote environmental technology innovation for our business processes and products.
Masamitsu Sakurai, CEO.
The Basque Country implemented the Basque Environmental Strategy for Sustainable Development in 2002. As well as defining 223 specific undertakings, this strategy set a fundamental goal to expand the Basque Country’s sustainable development in economic, social and environmental fields. The fight against climate change is one of its main priorities and has led to the creation of the Basque Climate Change Office. Regione Emilia-Romagna’s Environment and Sustainable Development Councillorship, together with HERA (a local public services firm) and CIBA Specialty Chemicals (a private firm) have long been pursuing sustainable development through new programming instruments, environmental management and certification. They have been taking concrete measures towards making improvements in the Region, using United Nations guidelines and best practices.
Lino Zanichelli, Regione Emilia-Romagna’s Councillor
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The expansion of world trade poses a threat to our environment, which is why as industry innovators we are seeking pro-active solutions. We are translating words into action ever-faster because we take being “greener” seriously. This is why the intelligent handling solutions we develop not only increase productivity but promote sustainability and responsible business development. J-POWER is a Japanese power generator and wholesaler with an installed capacity of 16 GW. It has been very active in mitigating climate change through the promotion of clean coal technologies, renewables and CDM/JI projects. J-POWER is a model global company committed to furthering sustainable development.
Yoshihiko Nakagaki, President
The impacts of a changing climate have many implications for the well-being of communities throughout the Arctic. The Nunavut Government supports actions to reduce the impacts of climate change. With the effects of climate change on the Arctic, there is a great need for the development of adaptation plans that would ensure a healthy future for its peoples.
Hon. Patterk Netser, Minister of Environment
Fuerteventura is by far the most important place to observe a combination of aridity and biodiversity in the Canary Islands. An authentic oasis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a crossroads between the continents of Europe, Africa and America, where the conservation of our planet is of great importance.