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Rio Conventions Calendar 2006 - Sponsors 

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Global warming is a serious threat to the earth. Research can contribute to finding sustainable solutions to this threat. Physical processes significantly affecting the global climate system are going on in Norway’s surrounding areas. Hence, the Research Council of Norway recognises its responsibility to promote research on climate changes. Reunion Island, is an ultraperipheral single French overseas department (2 512 sq km in the Indian Ocean) of 766 200 inhabitants. The ambition of the Regional Council is to develop the territory through its economy and sustainable development turning it into a pole of excellence in terms of energy sources and renewable energy. Balancing environmental concerns and keeping its traditions alive along with burgeoning economic development has been the commitment of the United Arab Emirates, since its inception. The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi has been one of the vehicles in UAE’s quest for achieving sustainable development through protection and management of resources in addition to empowering its society with awareness. Brazil gives particular attention to the implementation of the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Ministry of the Environment coordinates the national response to implement the CBD and its 2010 Target. All stakeholders are invited to attend the 8th Conference of the Parties of the CBD to be held in Curitiba, March 20-31, 2006. JOÃO PAULO CAPOBIANCO Secretary for Biodiversity and Forests Ministry of the Environment Brasília, Brazil
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The International Plant Genetic Resources Institute helps people to use agricultural bio-diversity to improve their lives. Diverse agriculture delivers healthier, more nutritious diets. It protects the environment and spreads the risk of catastrophic failure and famine. It boosts incomes, increasing the use of agricultural bio-diversity is vital to feed the world today and tomorrow. Extraordinary islands allow French Polynesia to try to maintain paradise on earth. Working alongside each other, this could become a reality: protect bio diversity, preserve coral reefs and lagoons, and save Pacific Islands from increased sea levels. MINISTERE DU DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE chargé de l’aménagement, de l’environnement, de la qualité de la vie et de la prévention des risques naturels Striding to Sustainability Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a State-owned corporation that covers all phases of the oil and gas industry in Qatar. QP is on the frontline to become one of the largest gas producers in the world. On our journey, we must ensure that every step we take contributes to our long walk towards sustainability. We invite all our business partners to join us as we work towards sustainable development in Qatar. In the North, the nature is tender and vulnerable. We acknowledge that climate imposes serious constraints on farming and forestry. We promote sustainable policies to maintain the renewal and productive capacity of natural resources. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
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The Department of the Environment and Housing of the Government of Catalonia works mainly designing, implementing and monitoring environmental policies: combating climate change; promoting a new water culture based on efficiency and saving; territorial planning and management based on environmental criteria; and fostering renewable energies, while working closely with social and economic stakeholders to lead us towards sustainability. Mr. Salvador Milà Minister of Environment and Housing Government of Catalonia The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) is an independent assessment agency. MNP covers the ‘planet’ dimension of the People-Planet-Profit concept for sustainable development. MNP advises the national government and international organisations, like OECD, UNEP, EEA and Secretariats of conventions on current and new policies and charts the status of the environment and nature. By providing our consulting services we want to contribute to a sustainable environmental, economic and social development. We specialise in grant- and programme manage-ment tasks, designing of infrastructure investments, economic analyses and financial processing of infrastructure projects. Additionally we manage the Austrian Joint Implementation/Clean Development Mechanism Programme on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) fully supports the work of the Rio Conventions in creating frameworks for effective sustainable development. The Conventions embody the global ethos in striving for solutions to problems which affect us all. At RTCC we are dedicated to promoting the solutions needed to support such action.

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