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Art Gallery 2003 - Artist Descriptions

Marina Langer-Rosa (Germany)

Art Gallery Image

Marina Langer-Rosa (Germany) is well known and internationally awarded for her superb illustrations for outstanding communications and arts projects, e.g. for UNESCO, the European Commission and United Nations stamp series. She has served as juror at international Biennales, e.g. in Brno/CZ and in Mexico City.

About the illustration: A rosette on the cover shows the planet earth with people, fauna, animals at land, sea, air and atmosphere, food, forest, desertification, flood, drought, storm. It looks so beautiful yet one can see the subtle dramatic climate change. The choice of the rosette symbolizes: you are in and can`t get out, everything is connected and influences each other. The hand says: RESPECT OUR ENVIRONMENT. The head starts the composition as a symbol which means people cause the problem, YOU GET WHAT YOU SOW.