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Art Gallery 2002 - Artist Descriptions

Martha Covarrubias Newton (Mexico)

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Martha Covarrubias Newton (Mexico) lives in Mexico City. Was one of the founders of the famous International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico. She has designed many exciting books, posters and cultural logos and has served as juror in international competitions.

Something about the maiz: In my country corn is the main food. We have a big variety of ways to eat it: tortilla of course, quesadillas, gorditas, tlacoyos, sopes, tamales (with salt or sweet), esquites and for beverages also like atole, tesgüino, pozol and many others. We also eat it like it is, you can find people that sells warm corn in the parks or in the markets, and of course you can do it at home, you can put lemon, salt and chile on, or mayonese, or cheese or nothing... just like it is.