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Art Gallery 2002 - Artist Descriptions

Juliette Pita (Vanuatu)

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Juliette Pita (Vanuatu) Born on the island of Erromango, Juliette is Vanuatu´s foremost woman contemporary artist. Juliette began specialising in tapestry when she attended the art course at the Institut National de Technologie du Vanuatu (INTV). She exhibited in Port Vila, in Noumea and New Caledonia, in Paris at the ´Francophonie 94´, in Sydney at the ´Contemporary Art of the South Pacific´ exhibition. The ´Spirit blong teder´ exhibition toured Europe in 1997.

Juliette considers her main inspiration to be the traditional cultures of Vanuatu, but her tapestries are also created around images from daily life and natural environments of Vanuatu.