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COP - COP 14
1 - 12 Dec 2008


COP1/CP.14Advancing the Bali Action PlanEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP2/CP.14Development and transfer of technologiesEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP3/CP.14Financial mechanism of the Convention: fourth review of the financial mechanismEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP4/CP.14Additional guidance to the Global Environment FacilityEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP5/CP.14Further guidance for the operation of the Least Developed Countries FundEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP6/CP.14Capacity-building for developing countries under the ConventionEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP7/CP.14Continuation of activities implemented jointly under the pilot phaseEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP8/CP.14Administrative, financial and institutional mattersEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP9/CP.14Dates and venues of future sessionsEN SP FR CH AR RU
COPResolution 1/CP.14Expression of gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Poland and the people of the city of PoznanEN SP FR CH AR RU