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Poznań Climate Change Conference - December 2008

Poznań Climate Change Conference - December 2008


  • Video conference facilities

    Video conference facilities at the venue (on commercial basis)
    A video conference service is available to all participants in Hall 14B. The service will allow participants to conduct video conferences with any location in the world having standard ISDN or Internet IP-based equipment.

    Location: Hall 14B room 301 (third floor), Booking office room 302.
    Contact: Monika Stepien, phone +48 61 869 28 91, email
    Opening hours: 9 – 19

    Operated on a commercial basis, those interested should refer to the linked instructions and booking form:

    pdf-icon Video conference service instructions (80 kB)
    pdf-icon Video conference service booking form (274 kB)


    Consignments should be delivered to the conference venue, not before 26 November 2008 at the address below:


    Ms. Malgorzata Ziemecka
    Telephone: +48 61 869 2380

    To facilitate customs clearance, all consignments should be clearly labelled as
    "non-commercial goods for education and training purposes only "

    To facilitate tracking the receivee, the sender organization, recipient/responsible person,
    telephone number or e-mail address should be clearly visible on the consignment.

    Labels for consignments to exhibits and side events are different for storage reasons.
    The labels may be obtained on request by contacting the Observer Organizations
    Liaison team ( or


    Shipment of consignments to the conference venue
    In order to allow for smooth customs clearance of the consignments sent from outside the EU zone, the government of Poland advises that these consignments should be handled by one of the three forwading companies listed below. These companies are authorized to operate on the conference venue. Please inform your shipment agents/companies of these details to ensure proper customs formalities.

    Europol SC
    Ms. Bogumila Jakubowska
    Telephone: +48 61 840 3090 or 3089

    C. Hartwig W-wa SA
    Ms. Beata Slonska
    Telephone/fax: +48 61 866 2536
    Mobile phone: +48 696 00 5395

    Transmeble International Sp.z o.o.
    For air cargo:
    Mr. Marcin Latko

    Telephone: +48 504 130 726
    For sea cargo, fair freights, customs formalities:
    Mr. Marcin Frontczak
    Telephone: +48 501 710 984

    Catering informationTop

    Side events will take place in Poznan International Fair where the observer organization
    meeting rooms, offices and a press briefing room will also be located.

    Catering requests should be directed to the catering focal point at the corresponding
    venue of your activity/event. Before ordering any catering for your side event, please
    check its location on the schedule.

    pdf-icon Catering form (47 kB)

    Catering Focal Points
    Side event rooms –
    Aesculapian Snake, Swan, Grebe, Fox, White-Tailed Eagle
    and EU Pavilion 9
    Tel: +48 (0)61 869 2307 * Fax: +48 (0)61 869 2328
    pdf-icon More information on this caterer (139 kB)

    Side event rooms –
    Grouse, Wild Sheep
    Tel: +48 (0)61 877 0700 * Fax: +48 (0)61 877 0700
    pdf-icon More information on this caterer (75 kB)

    Other areas
    Tel: +48 (0)61 826 3974 * Fax: +48 (0)61 820 6113
    pdf-icon More information on this caterer (63 kB)

    For planning purposes the caterer will need your order at least 48 hours in advance
    All catering must be set up outside the rooms. It is the responsibility of the organizer to
    ensure that side event rooms are left in an appropriate state for the next meeting
    Invoices must be settled with the caterer before you leave.
    Any catering requires prior authorization from the secretariat.

    Further important informationTop

    Mobile phone services and sales of prepaid SIM cards
    The group contracted to provide local cell phone and SIM card service in Poznań is
    PLUS GSM (Polkomtel S.A.).
    The number to call in Poznań is +48 61 869 2500.
    To request information via email please contact
    Price for SIMPLUS prepaid card without phone is 9 PLN (about 2 Euros).
    Price for Nokia 2626 with SIMPLUS prepaid card is 279 PLN (about 73 Euros).
    This is purchase price as there will not be rentals available.

    Rental of equipment and services on a commercial basis
    All side event rooms are equipped with sound and projection facilities, a podium (400 cm x 80 cm x 70 cm), a pinboard (150 cm x 100 cm) and a flipchart (105 cm x 70 cm). Exhibits compose of one counter, one stool, one posterboard, electricity sockets and a lamp. Any other authorized equipment within the allocated space must be arranged directly with Poznan International Fair on a commercial basis.
    For further information, please contact:
    Front Office of COP14 at Poznan International Fair
    phone: +48 61 869 21 11
    fax: +48 61 869 22 11
    skype: cop14-poznan

    For information on COP 14 facilities including rental of office space and equipment on a commercial basis, please refer to:

Location and links

Poznań International Fair Ltd.,
Glogowska street 14,
60-734 Poznań,

Poznań International Fair
City of Poznań
pdf-icon Plans over the COP 14 premises (1025 kB)


Important communication from the COP 14/CMP 4 host country team to Parties regarding accommodation in Poznań
pdf-icon More (81 kB)

Mobile Phone Application

A first for the UNFCCC process, you can now view the daily schedule, updated in real time, on your mobile phone. The schedule together with other interactive information is available as a downloadable application. To download the guide launch the WAP browser of Your phone and enter the following address: After the page is loaded, select the link "download" to get the mobile guide. For more information about the application, please go here