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Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015



Exhibits serve as a platform for observer organizations to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences and provide a meeting point for participants. They cover a wide variety of topics and are loosely clustered by thematic groups. 

Access to premises
Please note that the exhibit area will be located within the UNFCCC conference center. Therefore all persons who wish to visit an exhibit must be in possession of a conference badge for COP 21/CMP 11, i.e. duly registered as representative of a Party or observer organization, in order to access the exhibit area. Please find further information on registering for the conference here.

Climate Change Resources Counter (CCRC)
Admitted observers without an exhibit and exhibitors who have been allocated an exhibit booth for one conference week only are welcome to display their publications at the CCRC. In line with the sustainability efforts for COP 21/CMP 11, only one printed copy of each publication, with a QR code and/or a link to the electronic version of the publication will be accepted. Piles of printed publications are no longer permitted.

Organizing Exhibits

Live meetings schedule

Live Meeting Schedules