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COP - COP 12
6 - 17 Nov 2006


COP1/CP.12Further guidance to an entity entrusted with the operation of the financial mechanism of the Convention, for the operation of the Special Climate Change FundEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP2/CP.12Review of the financial mechanismEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP3/CP.12Additional guidance to the Global Environment FacilityEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP4/CP.12Capacity-building under the ConventionEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP5/CP.12Development and transfer of technologiesEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP6/CP.12Continuation of activities implemented jointly under the pilot phaseEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP7/CP.12Level of emissions for the base year of CroatiaEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP8/CP.12Administrative, financial and institutional mattersEN SP FR CH AR RU
COP9/CP.12Date and venue of the thirteenth session of the Conference of the Parties and the calendar of meetings of Convention bodiesEN SP FR CH AR RU
COPResolution 1/CP.12Expression of gratitude to the Government of Kenya and theEN SP FR CH AR RU