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Dialogue on long-term cooperative action to address climate change by enhancing implementation of the Convention

Second workshop, 15-16 November 2006, Nairobi, Kenya


(PDF) Oral report at COP 12 by the co-facilitators (90 kB)



(PDF) WP 19: Schedule (121 kB)

Other working papers


(PDF) WP 17: Scenario note on the second Dialogue workshop (33 kB)

(PDF) WP 18: Submission from SOUTH AFRICA (50 kB)

WP. 20: Submission from the UK
(PDF) English (569 kB) (PDF) French (448 kB)

(PDF) Spanish (503 kB)

(PDF) Arabic (1032 kB) (PDF) Mandarin (583 kB) (PDF) German (367 kB) (PDF) Portuguese (297 kB) (PDF) Russian (786 kB)

WP 20/Add.1: Submission from the UK - Short Executive Summary

(PDF) English (196 kB) (PDF) French (205 kB) (PDF) Spanish (201 kB) (PDF) Arabic (169 kB) (PDF) Russian (260 kB) (PDF) Mandarin (245 kB) (PDF) German (205 kB) (PDF) Polish (245 kB) (PDF) Portuguese (202 kB) (PDF) Japanese (244 kB)
WP 21: (PDF) Submission from Brazil (97 kB)

Recent developments on economics and investments relating to climate change:
Sir Nicholas Stern Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
Ms. Katherine Sierra World Bank Investment Framework on Clean Energy and Development
Advancing development goals in a sustainable way:
Mr. Gao Guangsheng Policies and measures of China on climate change mitigation under the framework of sustainable development
Mr. Leon Charles (PDF)Challenges and opportunities in responding to climate change: A small island perspective (2575 kB)
Mr. Olav Kjorven Climate change and achieving the Millennium Development Goals
Mr. Youba Sokona Development first approach
Brazil Climate and Deforestation
South Africa Sustainable development, policies and measures
Realizing the full potential of market-based opportunities
Ms. Claude Nahon Sharing experience on climate change, development, and policy instruments
Ms. Mandy Rambharos (PDF)Africa’s developmental aspirations, the energy challenge and maximizing opportunities (2048 kB)
India Dialogue on cooperative action
European Union The EU’s perspective on the market based opportunities
Presentations from other processes and initiatives
Mr. Elliot Diringer International climate efforts beyond 2012 – Report of the climate dialogue at Pocantico
Mr. Ned Helme Creating incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions post 2012: Options from the future actions dialogue
Nominations to attend the twenty-fifth sessions of the subsidiary bodies will allow participants to attend the Dialogue as well