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CMP - CMP 12
7 - 18 Nov 2016


CMP1/CMP.12Third Review of the Adaptation FundEN
CMP2/CMP.12Report of the Adaptation Fund BoardEN
CMP3/CMP.12Guidance relating to the clean development mechanismEN
CMP4/CMP.12Guidance on the implementation of Article 6 of the Kyoto ProtocolEN
CMP5/CMP.12Review of the joint implementation guidelinesEN
CMP6/CMP.12Third comprehensive review of the implementation of the framework for capacity-building in developing countries under the Kyoto ProtocolEN
CMP7/CMP.12Financial and budgetary mattersEN
CMP8/CMP.12Administrative, financial and institutional mattersEN
CMPResolution 1/CMP.12Expression of gratitude to the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco and the people of MarrakechEN