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Marrakech Climate Change Conference - November 2016

The Daily Programme is the official UNFCCC guide to each day's official meetings, events and press briefings. It also provides an overview of the status of the previous day's negotiations and links to other conference related pages, thus providing quick access to the information needed for the day's meetings.

In line with the paper-usage reduction objectives of the UNFCCC secretariat, the Daily Programme is made available in electronic form only.

Participants are reminded to consult the CCTV monitors for any last-minute changes.

Daily Programme

Monday, 7. November 2016
Tuesday, 8. November 2016
Wednesday, 9. November 2016
Thursday, 10. November 2016
Friday, 11. November 2016
Saturday, 12. November 2016
Sunday, 13. November 2016 (no programme on this day)
Monday, 14. November 2016
Tuesday, 15. November 2016
Wednesday, 16. November 2016
Thursday, 17. November 2016
Friday, 18. November 2016

Document services at COP 22

Document Services COP 22

Participants will be able to access and read documents prepared for and during the session in two ways:


Formal documents relevant to the current sessions of the COP, CMP, CMA, SBI, SBSTA and APA

In-session documents issued during COP 22

image via the Negotiator App

1 via @UNFCCCdocuments, the in-session documents Twitter channel


by requesting printed copies from Document Services at the Documents Counter (may entail print-on-demand)

See this guide

The Daily Programme will be available electronically but can be printed on demand if needed