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ADP - ADP 2-8
8 - 13 Feb 2015


In focus: meetings of the ADP

During the closing plenary of the ADP on 13 February 2015, the ADP agreed that the negotiating text resulting from the session in Geneva is the negotiating text which will constitute the basis of the negotiations for a protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force to be adopted at the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties.

At the end of the plenary meeting, the ADP agreed to suspend the session and resume it in conjunction with the forty-second sessions of the subsidiary bodies in June (ADP 2-9).

Meetings held at ADP 2-8
In-session documents
Status Report on consideration of agenda items
Statements at ADP 2-8


The Co-Chairs' corner

ADP 2-8: Co-chairs, photo:

The Co-Chairs thanked all Parties for their collaboration during the Geneva session which enabled the body to immediately launch their substantive work and to successfully close the conference in a timely manner.  
pdf-icon Letter of gratitude from the Co-chairs of the ADP (33 kB)