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Durban Climate Change Conference - November/December 2011

Information for members of the press

  • Accreditation

    The deadline for application for media accreditation to COP 17 was Wednesday, 16 November 2011. 

    Processing of late applications will be done on a case-by-case basis.  Please be aware that submission of required materials after the deadline may cause a delay in processing.  All applications completed and submitted after the deadline may take up to 7 days to be processed and transferred into the registration system.

    NOTE:  A quota on the number of participants is enforced in the interest of security. 

    The quota is set for ALL participants (Party, observer organization, UN) and is in place until the maximum level in relation to the physical capacity of the facilities is reached.

    The moment the quota is reached, no more representatives will be allowed in.  Please note that the quota is recorded in the badge scanning system, so that the number of representatives entering the premises can be accurately counted.

    Note to correspondentsTop

    pdf-icon Note to correspondents number 3
    (41 kB) High-Level Segment of COP17/CMP7

    pdf-icon Note to correspondents number 2
    (160 kB) Media Access to Opening of Conference

    pdf-icon Note to correspondents number 1 (168 kB)
    Media arrangements


    • All accredited media will register onsite for the conference.  These MUST bring with them a printed copy of their APPROVED Media Accreditation form together with their valid photo ID.
    • Early registration is highly recommended in order to avoid delays.

    Registration Opening Hours:
    •  Friday, 25 November 2011 to Saturday, 26 November 2011, from  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    •  Sunday, 27 November until Friday, 9 December 2011 from 8.00 a.m. to  6.00 p.m.  (please note the conference center will likely be closed on Sunday, 4 December)
    To avoid delays, it is highly recommended that you register on Saturday, 26 or Sunday 27 November.  

    Double registration for the sessions is not permitted (i.e., as State representative and observer organization representative, or as State representative and press/media)


    Press badges issued at previous UNFCCC conferences do not remain valid. Members of the press must be accredited for each meeting.

    Badges are essential in order for participants to gain access to the premises. They are issued only on the basis of accreditation as a media professional representing a bona fide media organization.

    For security reasons, all participants are requested to wear their badges at all times.


    Please note that all foreign participants entering South Africa must have a valid passport.  To ensure ease of entry to South Africa, participants requiring a visa, or a transit visa in order to travel to South Africa, are strongly encouraged to contact the  appropriate consular authorities upon receipt of this notification. 

    For more information, please visit the visa section on the host country website.


    Media representatives accredited to cover UNFCCC meetings are responsible for their own travel and hotel bookings. The secretariat is not in a position to make these arrangements.

    Accommodation is available at official conference hotels.

    Yellow feverTop

    South Africa is a yellow fever free zone and in order to prevent its introduction into the country, all persons over one year of age travelling or transiting from an infected area are required to provide a valid yellow fever certificate. 

    pdf-icon More information and a list of infected countries
    This list is in line with the International Health Regulations (IHR, 2005).

    Medical InsuranceTop

    Participants are strongly recommended to obtain, before departure to Durban, comprehensive international medical insurance for the period of participation. 

    The United Nations and the Convention secretariat disclaim all responsibility for medical, accident and travel insurance, for compensation for death or disability, for loss of or damage to personal property and for any other costs or losses that may be incurred during travel time or the period of participation.  In this context, participants are strongly recommended to obtain international medical insurance for the period of participation.

    Ceiling on media participation inside the conference venuesTop

    To ensure that all media have adequate access to available facilities within which to work and for security and safety reasons, maximum media participation is 2,000 persons. All registered media will have full access to the facilities and services described below.


    In the interest of security and safety of all participants and the smooth development of the sessions, the Convention secretariat reserves the right to deny and/or restrict access to the conference premises, de-register participants or to request registered participants to leave the premises.  The Convention
    secretariat shall not be responsible for any or all expenses incurred by nominated participants who are requested to leave the premises, refused registration or access to the sessions for which they have been nominated and/or registered as participants.