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Doha Climate Change Conference - November 2012

The Daily Programme is the official guide to each day's official meetings. It also provides an overview of the status of the previous day's negotiations. In line with the paper-usage reduction objectives of the UNFCCC secretariat, the Daily Programme is made available in electronic form only.

In addition to the PDF version below, an interactive version can be accessed on the PaperSmart portal. It provides additional features, such as allowing readers to filter information by different criteria, and includes links to other conference-related pages, thus serving as a fast locator of the information needed for the day's meetings.

Daily Programme

Monday, 26. November 2012
Tuesday, 27. November 2012
Wednesday, 28. November 2012
Thursday, 29. November 2012 and Addendum
Friday, 30. November 2012 and Addendum
Saturday, 1. December 2012 and Addendum
Sunday, 2. December 2012 (no programme on this day)
Monday, 3. December 2012 and Addendum
Tuesday, 4. December 2012 and Addendum
Wednesday, 5. December 2012 and Addendum
Thursday, 6. December 2012 and Addendum
Friday, 7. December 2012 and Addendum

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