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Climate Change Studio - 27 November | Doha Climate Change Conference - November 2012
Time 27 November

Climate Change Studio

Interview with Suzette Mitchell, country representative of UN Women in Viet Nam

Suzette Mitchell, the Country Representative from the UN Women VietNam Country Office, describes grassroots initiatives to empower Vietnamese women to join the dialogue on climate change. Her organisation has provided training for women to become change makers rather than victims in their local communities, which they want to share across the global south.


11:45 Climate Change Studio

Interview with Francois Rogers, Special Advisor , IUCN Global Gender Office, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Francois Rogers describes how implementation is key to climate change solutions that also advance gender equality.

Climate Change Studio

Interview with P. Trish Glazebrook, Professor of Philosophy and Religion Studies at the University of North Texas, Life e. v

Trish Glazebrook, Professor at the University of North Texas talks about the higher impacts of climate change felt by women. She says that 70% of farmers globally are women, and often working as subsistence farmers the have a invisibility that means they are not getting the help they need to respond to climate change.

12:15 Climate Change Studio

Interview with Lani Eugenia, General Secretary of the Indonesian Women Farmer and Rural Women Organization, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Lani Eugenia, General Secretary at Puantani, an Indonesian Women’s Organisation talks about the impacts of climate change on farming in Indonesia and how it disproportionately affects women.

12:30 Climate Change Studio

Interview with Anjum Assad Amin, Member of the National Disaster Management Authority. Pakistan

Ajum Assad Amin, the Prime Minister's Secretariat from the National Disaster Management Authority, says that 9 out of 10 disasters happening in Pakistan are due to climate change and are adversely affecting women. She calls for training and recognition of their role for Pakistani women.

12:45 Climate Change Studio

Interview with Arend Kuster, Board member of the Qatar sustainability network

Arend Kuster, Managing Director of talks about the need for climate science to be open access so all members of the public can use it.

13:00 Climate Change Studio

Interview with Mimi Melles from Advocates for Youth

Mimi Melles, a Consultant at Advocates for Youth talks about the links between reproductive health and climate change. She says empowering women and young people and increasing the access to sexual and reproductive health services could help communities adapt to climate change.

Climate Change Studio

Interview with Queen Ehirim National Co-ordinator of  Global Community Peace Network Initiative

Queen Ehirim talks about what how climate change is impacting women in Nigeria. She says that climate change hugely affects the women of Nigeria who are often the main breadwinner of the average family in the country.

13:30  Climate Change Studio

Interview with Jim Dougherty, Director of Sierra Club 

Jim Dougherty talks about the group’s work in the US defeating coal fired power stations. He explains that the group has moved from an environmental group aimed at protecting wild spaces to one focused on pollution and now climate change and fossil fuels.

14:00  Climate Change Studio

Interview with Reem Al Mealla, member of the Arab Youth Climate Movement. Indy-ACT 

Reem Al Mealla from the Arab Youth Climate Movement says the group has a strong message for Arab governments that they should pledge now to cut down their greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Studio

Interview with Marcel Hanegraaf Researcher from the University of Antwerpen. Belgium

Marcel Hanegraaff, PhD Researcher at the Universiteit Antwerpen, talks about the organisation participation at the climate talks. He says that while there is a lot of organisation and NGO activity at the conference, whether this translates into these groups actually having an impact is less certain.

14:40  Climate Change Studio

Interview with Maria N. Hastrup and Lizette Simpson members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Souts

Maria Hastrup and Lizette Simpson talk about the importance of girls being involved in climate change issues. They say for the girl guides and girl scouts it is just a natural thing to be involved.

15:00  Climate Change studio

Interview with  Yvonne Maingey from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Yvonne Maingey, Intern at UNEP talks about her journey into environmentalism. She says she was inspired by the late Wangari Maathai when she saw her on television fighting for Kenya’s forests.

15:10  Climate Change Studio

Interview with Josephine Castillo (Jhocas), member of the Dampa Federation, Huairou Commission Women Homes and Community 

Josephine Castillo, Grassroots Leader talks about how her network is helping to build resilient cities in the Philippines.

15:30  Climate Change Studio

Interview with  Cecilia M. Kibe National co-ordinator of the Kenya Climate Justice Women Champions. Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice

Cecilia Kibe from the Kenya Climate Justice Women Champions talks about her work trying to bring women into the decision making process on climate change. She explains the structure of her organisation and how it helps the flow of information from national to village level and back again.

15:40  Climate Change studio

Interview with Rhoda Robinson from the Hacey’s Health Initiative

Rhoda Robinson, Director of Administration at Hacey’s Health Initiative talks about a project they are involved in called the Global Action Classroom. She explains how it aims to bring together children from different countries to share their environmental projects.

15:45  Climate Change studio

Interview with Donna Goodman from the Earth Child Institute 

Donna Goodman, Executive Director of Earth Child Institute argues that climate change agreements without youth empowerment will never work.

15:50  Climate Change TV

Interview with Didhaa Diribaa Ayane, Director General of Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise. Ethiopia

Didhaa Diribaa Ayane talks about the problem of deforestation in Ethiopia. He says that there are many reasons why forests are being destroyed in the country including fires, agricultural land expansion and new settlements and warns that the livelihoods of local people depend on using the forest’s resources.

16:00  Climate Change studio

Interview with Masahiko Horie, Ambassador for Global Environment of Japan.

Masahiko Horie, Ambassador for Global Environment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan talks about the work the country has been doing regionally and internationally on climate change.

16:30  Climate Change TV

Interview with Adeyemi Olabinjo, Lord Mayor of Ojokoro Lagos. UN of Youth Network

Lord Mayor Adeyemi Olabinjo, the Mayor of Ojokoro, Ojokoro Lagos Government, says that a lot of Nigeria's current difficulties are due to environmental problems. He has come to COP18 to share knowledge and solutions with others states facing similar problems.

17:00  Climate Change studio

Interview with Prince Goodluck Obi President of UN of Youth Network of Nigeria.

Prince Goodluck Obi, President General at the United Nations of Youth in Nigeria says he is attending the conference to share ideas and best practices with other countries around the world.

17:20  Climate Change studio

Interview with Brahma Kumaris from the Bhama Kumaris World Spiritual University

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani talks about the spiritual dimension of climate change.

Climate Change TV
Interview with  Kelly Dent from Oxfam Australia

Kelly Dent, COP18 Global Lead for Oxfam Australia talks about the key issues emerging in the first days of the talks. She says that behind the scenes tensions are beginning to show within the African Countries and the Least Developed Countries over the lack of climate finance.