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PaperSmart services at COP 18/CMP 8
The UNFCCC secretariat is committed to enhancing the environmental sustainability of its operations and of UNFCCC conferences and meetings. The reduction of paper usage is one step in this direction. In order to achieve this goal for COP 18/CMP 8 and beyond, and to enhance the electronic availability of documentation and other information, the secretariat has partnered with the United Nations Integrated Sustainable PaperSmart Services (ISPS) secretariat. In the words of ISPS, PaperSmart is "not a fight against paper, more a war against waste". Although it is too early to say the "war" has been won, initial results are very encouraging. An estimated 19 million sheets of paper were saved at the Rio+20 conference. In addition, through initial steps at the UNFCCC May sessions in Bonn, paper usage was reduced by 50 per cent in comparison with the same event in 2011.

Distribution of documents

The traditional 'documents counter' will be replaced at COP 18/CMP 8 in Doha, Qatar, by the next-generation equivalent. Documents will be distributed in two ways:

  • Electronically to computers and other mobile devices for viewing and downloading via the ISPS portal, Documents will also continue to be made available as usual on the UNFCCC website.

  • Via eight ISPS desks throughout the conference centre where assistance with downloading electronic documents will be available. USB disks, on which documents may be downloaded, will be provided on request at the ISPS desks. Hard-copy versions of documents may also be collected at the desks (and can be ordered in advance electronically in limited numbers via the ISPS portal or at the desks).

The service will encompass all pre-session and in-session documentation, including all language versions, as well as an improved Daily Programme, and national statements. Access to documents on the portal will be open to all.

Participants are encouraged to carry their laptops or mobile devices so as to make maximum use of electronic versions of documents. In this context, ways to enhance access to recharging facilities are being investigated.

While this new, more sustainable, mode of work is being introduced, every effort will be made to ensure the smooth progress of the sessions. Special attention will be paid to ensuring that key documents for adoption at the conclusion of the sessions are available to delegates for consideration.

Distribution of statements

PaperSmart services also encompass the distribution through the ISPS portal of national statements delivered during the high-level segment, and other statements as appropriate. Delegations should e-mail a copy of the statement to or submit a hard copy to the ISPS desk in the plenary hall.

Frequently asked questions

Visit the PaperSmart FAQ-page.

For more information

Please consult the PaperSmart website or e-mail questions to