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Buenos Aires Climate Change Conference - December 2004

Buenos Aires Climate Change Conference - December 2004

Information for members of the press

  • General Rules for Media Coverage

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    Visual media are permitted to film, record interviews and take photos in all public areas of the conference site unless otherwise restricted for security reasons. Generally, all open meetings of the Conference are accessible to the print media, subject to the availability of sufficient space. For access by visual media to conference rooms, please see information below.

    Please note: No access will be granted to any media representatives to closed meetings of the Conference or to office areas.


    On Monday, 6 December, at 10:00 a.m., the tenth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be formally opened in Plenary 1 by Mamadou Honadia (Burkina Faso), Vice President of COP 9. Following the election of the President of COP10 and his statement, the Conference will hear a welcome address by Anibal Ibarra, Governor of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. UNFCCC Executive Secretary Joke Waller-Hunter will also address the opening meeting. (For possible changes see Daily Programme of 6 December.)

    Photo opportunity: Prior to the opening, television crews and still photographers will have an opportunity for establishing shots in Plenary 1.

    Once the conference is declared open, television crews will be asked to leave the Hall. Television and radio broadcasters will receive live pool feeds from the opening, provided by the host broadcaster Canal 7, in the International Broadcast Centre, located in the lower ground floor (level -1). Still photographers may continue, on a one-by-one basis, under the guidance of the UNFCCC TV/Radio Liaison Officer.

    A limited number of seats are available in the Plenary Hall for print media and news agencies. They can be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Correspondents who cannot be accommodated in Plenary 1 will be able to follow the proceedings on closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors in the press area. Separate arrangements will be done for the opening iof the high-level segment of the Conference (see Note to Correspondents No. 2).


    Special media arrangements for the high-level segment of the Conference will be announced in a separate Note to Correspondents.

    Press AreaTop

    The press area is located in the Green Pavilion and will be available from Sunday,
    5 December, 3:00 p.m. until the end of the Conference (17 December). It will be open 24 hours a day, with limited services between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

    The press area offers a total of 100 work spaces. All desks have electricity supply. In addition, 30 desks have computers providing direct access to the Internet and to printers, and 30 desks will be equipped with "plug&play" facilities. Seats at the desks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. International news agencies will also have their work cubicles in that area.

    At the entrance to the press area, a Media Information Desk will offer a selection of Conference documents as well as the Daily Programme, UNFCCC press releases and fact sheets, the texts of speeches as provided by delegations, as well as the daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin (which summarizes the daily proceedings). Copies of the conference newspaper COP10, produced by the host Government, will also be available. In addition, official documents can be accessed via the Internet at terminals in the press area.

    Photocopying, telephones, fax machines, and wireless cards (WI-FI) for mobile computing are available on a commercial basis in an adjacent business centre. Mobil phones can also be rented there.

    Proceedings in Plenaries 1 or 2 can be followed on CCTV screens in the press area. One CCTV screen will show the programme of the day and announce press conferences and other events.

    Correspondents may also follow proceedings of COP10 from the conference website: using the computers in the press area. Headphones are available next to the Media Information Desk.

    The offices of the Media Coordinator as well as the offices of the host Government Media Liaison Officer can be found adjacent to the press area in the Green Pavilion:

    Mr. Axel Wuestenhagen, Media Coordinator, tel. 4777-5643, mobil: 15 5773 7696

    Mr. Michael Williams, Conference Spokesman tel. 4777-5643, mobil: 15 5773 7722

    Mr. Gustavo Poch, Deputy Spokesman/Spanish tel. 4777-5643, mobil: 15 5773 7737

    Mr. Alexander Saier, Television/Radio Liaison tel. 4777-5649, mobil: 15 5773 7693

    Ms. Carrie Assheuer, Accreditation Officer tel. 4777-5604, mobil: 15 5773 7699

    Ms. Lucy Wariungi, Media Information Desk tel. 4777-5650, mobil: 15 5772 6105

    Mr. Edmundo Ferretti, Host Country Media Liaison tel. 4777-5646,

    International Broadcast CentreTop

    On the lower ground floor (level -1), an International Broadcast Centre is established to serve television and radio broadcasters. The facility will be operated by Canal 7, the host broadcaster of the Conference, who will provide live video and audio pool feeds, editing and play-out facilities. (Contact: Gabriel G. Verta, tel: 4777-5659, mobil: 15 4998 0986).

    A limited number of work cubicles for TV and radio broadcasters have been assigned upon specific request. They are equipped with basic furniture, a monitor as well as with audio and video feeds from Plenaries 1 or 2 and from the press conference room. Audio feeds from each venue will be in English, Spanish and in the original/floor language. Additional equipment, e.g. telephone, ISDN and fax lines can be rented. (Please contact Alexandra Pacheco, tel: (+54 11) 4543-1000, fax: (+54 11) 5442-6469), e-mail:

    Live audio and video feeds from the Conference can also be picked up in a Common Editing Suite (10 PAL/10 NTSC feeds) located in the International Broadcast Centre. This service is available free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Satellite uplinks will be provided by TIRA and SERSAT. The Canal 7 Booking Office will receive requests for satellite services (Carlo Clavel, tel. 4777-5660).

    Television CoverageTop

    Pool coverage of the proceedings in Plenaries 1 or 2, as well as from the press conference room is being provided by the host broadcaster Canal 7. This coverage is available for local as well as overseas television and radio broadcasters free of charge.

    Due to practical considerations, it is not possible for individual television crews to record proceedings in Plenaries 1 or 2. There are, however, limited possibilities throughout the Conference and, in particular, during the high-level segment, for individual television crews to record plenary statements by the representative of their home country.

    Please note: Prior arrangements for any unilateral coverage should be made with the UNFCCC TV/Radio Liaison Officer (Mr. Alexander Saier, tel.: 4777-5649, mobil: 15 5773 7693)

    Television crews are invited to record their own coverage of press conferences in the press conference room (Room Algarrobo, Yellow Pavilion). Audio in that room must be obtained from mult-boxes which are available to television and radio journalists on a first-come-first-served basis.
    A stand-up provision/interview corner with a conference logo backdrop and a feed link to the Plenary 1 mobil editing unit parked outside the building is available next to the right hand side rear exit of Plenary 1.

    Radio and Photo CoverageTop

    Audio feeds in English, Spanish and in the original/floor language are available from mult-boxes in Plenary 1, in the press area and in the press conference room. For other services relating to audio feeds from the Conference, please contact Alejandro Iglesias, mobil: 15 5308 8386.

    Photo opportunities will be provided for the visual media (still photographers and television) on the floor of Plenary 1 prior to the opening of COP10 on 6 December as well as prior to other meetings, in particular, during the high-level segment of the Conference.

    Requests for non-flash photo access to the floor while the plenary meetings are in session, will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis by an on-scene information officer. (Please contact the UNFCCC TV/Radio Liaison Officer, Mr. Alexander Saier, tel.: 4777-5649, mobil: 15 5773 7693)

    Live and On-Demand Streaming on InternetTop

    Negotiations and many other events can be followed live and on-demand through the Internet. Official meetings, special workshops, high-level panels as well as press conferences are available from the conference website: .

    A comprehensive web index provides ready access to information on recorded events. Each recording is classified by date, agenda item and type of meeting. ²Video anchors² will allow direct access to discussions of a particular agenda item. Audio/video on-demand archives will be delivered where possible in the original language, in Italian, in French and in English. A time-table, meetings listing, is automatically generated and posted to the website throughout the day to provide information on additions or changes in the programme schedule.

    Press Conferences/BriefingsTop

    Regular press briefings by the United Nations, by national delegations and inter-governmental organizations will be held at the press conference room (Room Algarrobo).

    The first press conference by the newly elected President of COP10 and the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC is scheduled for Monday, 6 December, at 1:15 p.m.

    A larger number of briefings is expected when Ministers arrive for the high-level segment of the Conference. Briefings will normally be limited to 30 minutes maximum.

    Several delegations may wish to hold special briefings for their national media. Please note announcements on the notice board in the Press Area, next to the Media Information Desk.

    Please note: While regular press briefings will be announced in the Daily Programme, many other briefings will be announced on short notice on the CCTV monitors only.

    Non-governmental organizations representing environmental and business interest groups will brief the press in the NGO press room (Room Aguaribay).


    The office of the Conference Spokesman will assist journalists, upon request, in contacting delegates for arranging interviews. Requests for interviews with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary should also be addressed to the Conference Spokesman. The Deputy Spokesman will assist local and other Spanish speaking journalists.

    Side eventsTop

    More than 100 side events and numerous exhibits will take place during COP10. They will norm ally be held between 1-3 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. from Monday, 6 December through Friday, 17 December, except for Sunday, 12 December. For details, please see the Daily Programme of the Conference.

Press accreditation

Note to Correspondents

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