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In-session workshop on mitigation

(PDF) Agenda (114 kB)

Presenter and topic Abstract Presentation
H. Carlino: Mitigation Opportunities in the Waste Sector in Argentina    pps

C.Copley: Can coal contribute to sustainable development?

(PDF) pdf (8 kB) (PDF) pdf (312 kB)

R. Dixon: Hydrogen and fuel cell programs in the U.S.: perspectives from the U.S. Department of Energy

(PDF) pdf (8 kB) (PDF) pdf (2756 kB)
P. Kirai: Lessons and experiences of implementing energy efficiency programmes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (PDF) pdf (11 kB) pps
J. Shevlin: Energy Efficiency -Australia's national and bilateral approach (PDF) pdf (6 kB) pps
R. Socolow: Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technology (PDF) pdf (7 kB) pps
A. Szwarc: Use of bio-fuels in Brazil (PDF) pdf (9 kB) (PDF) pdf (1111 kB)

Chairman's Summary